Para Lia – Gone With The Flow

Para Lia – Gone With The Flow

PARA LIA album “Gone With The Flow”….(2 October 2020 self-release )

  1. My Muse
  2. Fade To Grey
  3. Children Of The Flood (Feat. Fady Haddad)
  4. Kassandra
  5. Rider On The Dike (Feat. Amanda Kim Sanderson)
  6. Fools (Feat. Terry Wigmore)
  7. Fire (My Chemical Imbalance) (Feat Fady Haddad)
  8. Time And Again
  9. Kaleidoscope
  10. The Painter
  11. No Time For Butterflies

After the debut “Soap Bubble Dreams” release in 2019, an album with great critical acclaim in the underground, the German alternative/indie rock duo Para Lia worked hard on what would be their second full length. And this is the “Gone With The Flow” album.

Para Lia have been compared with the likes of The Last Shadow Puppets, Arcade Fire and The Editors among others, while they have a very strong base on their sound on the discography of Dinosaur Jr., Pavement and The Pixies.

“Gone With The Flow” features 11 original compositions written, performed and produced by Para Lia. The songwriting is flawless. It keeps the attention throughout the songs and in the end throughout the whole album.

The singles “My Muse” and “Riders On The Dike” are only hints (but really nice examples) of what you will get to listen on “Gone With The Flow”. That’s pretty much a decent and multi-leveled alternative/indie rock songwriting with originality and freshness.

There are certain references and connections of Para Lia’s music with the late 80’s and early 90’s alternative scene and of course brit pop. Nevertheless, it’s always the detail that makes the difference and Para Lia seem to invest on the detail. The use of weird guitar phrases, Sonic Youth influenced lead parts, or deep backing vocals are all meaningful and carefully used to build the Para Lia music mosaic.

Cindy’s vocals give the album the diversity it needs and although far from Rene’s vocal style, mixed together they work really well for the album and make the Para Lia sound unique in many ways. The melodies have been very carefully selected and worked as pretty much the whole album.

In terms of production, it is modern enough not to be called retro, yet it gives the feeling we used to get from the early 90’s alternative/indie rock productions. Para Lia have an own style and, although their influences are sometimes obvious, they support this style really well.

“Gone With The Flow” is a dream journey written for all music lovers and once you push play you can’t stop it, but you will never regret it. The album is also released on 180gr vinyl which totally rocks!

Review by Mr Athens ’79

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