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Taming Sari

Taming Sari TAMING SARI RELEASES “DOWN WITH THE DEVIL” MUSIC VIDEO, ANNOUNCES DEBUT ALBUM May 17, 2019 – Canadian rock band Taming Sari today released their brand-new music video for “Down with the Devil”, the first single from their upcoming debut album Thirsty from the Drought.  The video features a high energy performance from the […]

Monica Strut – Social Media Shredder (book)

Monica Strut – Social Media Shredder (book) Australian music journalist and blogger, Monica Strut, has released a new book, Social Media Shredder: Use social media to grow your band’s audience and reach the next level in your career.  The 50-page handbook teaches musicians and bands how they can utilize social media to grow their audience […]

Rockin’ Engine

Rockin’ Engine “Rockin’ our way up, ready to hit hard!” – that’s the strong motto of Canadian hopefuls ROCKIN’ ENGINE. March 31st, 2019 saw the release of the crispy debut album “Midnight Road Rage”, available on all major platforms. TRACKS: 01. Shake That Ass 04:33 02. Let’s Roll The Dice    05:08 03. Livin’ A Lie 04:31 04. When Engines Collide […]

30 Days of Pain

30 Days of Pain 30 Days of Pain are a “rip your face off” band based out of Pittsburgh, PA. 5 guys, mostly veterans of the Pittsburgh scene, who just wanna have fun & tear it up! Five members (John, Scott, Brian, Eric, & Steve) have come together under the musical direction of (John Bashaw). […]

Seraph In Travail

Seraph In Travail Philadelphia outfit Seraph In Travail was conceived in 2008 by guitarist Joe Bonner and vocalist Jon Sutherland as a melody-driven metal band with strong classical influence.  Releasing their debut EP Achieved in Flatline in 2012 and a 2015 full length album, Bring Forth Death, the band brought drummer Mike Shaw and guitarist Dan Shegue into the fold […]


Kasador “High Rise” is about more than the Toronto apartment that it was written in. It’s about the pent-up uneasiness that kept us all up at night.   This song came out of a few middle-of-the-night writing sessions, where my mind could not sleep and would race until morning. My only relief was to get […]


CULTTASTIC CULTTASTIC Releases Her New Music Video “Quantum Girl” June 14th 2019 Ukrainian-American synthpop producer and recording artist CULTTASTIC releases the music video for her song Quantum Girl.  Quantum Girl was shot guerilla style at an Erotic Circus and H.R. Giger’s Alien Bar. The video depicts what it would be like having a sexual relationship with a spirit. Quantum Girlis surrealistic, […]

Clayton Bellamy & The Congregation

Clayton Bellamy & The Congregation Welcome to the Congregation. Get ready for a service the likes of which you’ve never attended before, where the message is served up by Clayton Bellamy and the Congregation through a high-octane blend of gospel, R&B and riff-driven hard rock, and the only requirement for membership is the willingness to […]

Figure Walking

Figure Walking Canadian indie rock duo Figure Walking presents their new single ‘Blue World Remix’, newly released via Disintegration Records on June 7. This exquisite remix single is a summertime anthem. Here, producer/engineer Richard Hartline and Philadelphia’s critically acclaimed mood-rockers Tulipomania team up at the controls, bringing an already celebratory song to new levels of existential joy and transcendence. Figure Walking is drummer Rob Gardiner (Conduct, […]


Freighter Freighter is a technical progressive metal band from the San Francisco Bay Area. Founders and lifelong friends Travis Andrews (guitar / vocals) and Jason Braatz (bass) partner with drummer Matt Guggemos to form a power trio that pulls from many varied disciplines and truly stands as a unique voice in modern metal. After meeting as […]