Pacific Estate

Pacific Estate

There’s this shared feeling among people our age that every generation above you just kinda hates you. We’re in our mid-20s and somehow responsible for the climate going to shit, the economy crashing, and everything else that’s wrong with the world. On top of that, the people that tell us the most are our own parents.
We wrote the song “Millennial” as both a party anthem and a rally cry. Yeah, we’re a bit fucked up but you were too at this age. Kids are gonna party, get over it. Stream it now via your preferred platform.
“Millennial” is packed with nostalgic references to reflect our lives, present and past, as well as our parents’ lives. There’s a line about Blockbuster, the chorus of “Teenagers” by My Chemical Romance, and some personal ones too.

Pacific Estate – Millennial

Pacific Estate – Robbers (The 1975 cover)

Pacific Estate – Narcissistic

Pacific Estate – Saturdays

Pacific Estate – 34

Pacific Estate – She

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