Owls & Eagles

Psychedelic doom band Owls & Eagles Unleash “On My Way”
Single With Visualizer Video

Owls & Eagles unleash “On My Way”, the next track from their upcoming album – Patience Vol. 1

Song 2 In the story of Patience,

Searching for her real self and a new home she finds the Demon. This Demon came looking for fear long ago, and now with a new mindset and a new will, all the demon finds is her rage. Knowing what she must do to overcome these fears and negative feelings the fight is on. No more will she be kept down by this Demon, no more will she let her fear win, she defeats this monster and wears its head as a crown knowing she can do this by herself and for herself. Queen of herself!

 The track and visualizer video recently premiered via Doomed & Stoned and can be found here:


Purchase the track from their Bandcamp page here:

Our story starts with Patience realizing her home has become poisoned by hate, greed, and corruption. She makes a choice; she chooses to leave this place she has called home since birth. For once in her life, she sees everyone for who they really are, liars, cheaters, destroyers, killers of the land, pure evil at its fullest. She leaves and never turns back.

​Artwork by Broken Wing Visual Media

Owls & Eagles are:

Mark Russell – vocals/drums
Ross ferguson – guitar/vocals

Owls & Eagles – On My Way

Owls & Eagles – Enlightenment

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Band/Artist location – Calgary, AB Canada
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