Astronaut” is based on a concept in which the human race is treating the planet as visitors (or astronauts) while exploiting it, rather than preserving it for future generations. Political leaders have used the environmental crisis to manipulate citizens for their own benefit, imprisoning civilians ithin ‘safety zones.’

 The song’s music video follows a father (played by Georgie Daburas) who mistrusts the government’s intentions and builds oxygen masks for him and his daughter (Karissa Ketter). When they pass the guards and escape the zones, they are confronted with an unexpected challenge which ultimately leads to their freedom.  Being astronauts on our planet is a metaphor for what is happening right now. It seems like we are visiting our planet and we are not thinking about how we are going to leave it behind.

 It was important for us to create a storyline that matches the emotion and intensity of the song.

 Thank you for listening to the song and engaging with the video’s story.


OurGlassZoo is a society where trite routines are the norm as its citizens lack both purpose and empathy.  The “zoo” keeps the individuals in captivity, trapped in a glass bubble, reliving the safety net of comfort while conditioning the tamed mind, preventing them from achieving their full potential.

​The band name is displayed in colour to remind us that light is trying to break in to break us out. It is the beginning of an awakening of self-determination and possibilities. 

OurGlassZoo – Astronaut

OurGlassZoo – Urge

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