Our Sorrows

Our Sorrows

Before we say anything about ourselves, we’d just like to sincerely say that we appreciate your interest, and your support of Our Sorrows. For all of us we thought our individual journeys in music were in the past, and being here in the present with the love and support we’ve already been shown brings a level of gratitude that there really aren’t words for. We can just say, we have nothing but love from us to you.

We are Chris Tims (Lead Vocals,) Kyle Kendall (Guitar/Vocals,) Austin Delancey (Bass,) Cameron Tims (Drums)

And we are Our Sorrows, a 4-piece band out of Florida, US. 

We wrote our debut album “Anima//Animus” to be a musical journey from the intensity and overwhelming nature of rage and anger to the all-enveloping grip of sadness and worthlessness. We wanted to call attention to the fact that even within that contrast of both emotional states there are still strong parallels between them, when you surrender yourself to emotion in one way or another. 

  • Our hope as a band is that now that you’ve heard struggles that hit home close to us is that we can start the conversation with you guys. We have a goal that by the time we’ve written every song for the next album, that you would allow us to tell your story; that we could share your struggles, and your demons with the world. Day-to-day, mental health, addiction, isolation, victimization, we’re all in this together.

Our Sorrows – Vulture

Our Sorrows – Anima

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