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Orion Patrol

orion patrol

Hello world!

I think its time to introduce our selves: We are Orion Patrol, a musical project that combines Alternative and Electronic music. We started the project on April 2015 although we’ve been in the music world for a while now.

The idea behind Orion Patrol was to combine all our experience through all these years but starting from scratch.

We each for a very particular kind of sound. We love the sounds made by synths, create dark and cold ambiances with them (like space) and also play around creating weird si-fi sounds with them.

On June 1st we published our first EP
How Does The World Work (
being this the beginning of our trip in the musical universe. Right now we are working on our first LP Paradise In Another Heaven which will hopefully see the light early 2016.

As you might have noticed, our history is quite short, a blank page that will have to be written little by little. Do you wanna come with us in our trip?

Orion Patrol – No Place on Earth

 Orion Patrol – Creatures

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