Opus Arise

Opus Arise
The Network – Out Dec 2nd
Release: 2 December 2022

Vancouver’s orchestral metal ensemble Opus Arise that brings together classical strings and metal rhythms to create luscious soundscapes to dissonant chaos and features members of other local bands Svneatr, Thousand Arrows, Ysgaroth.

Opus Arise is will be releasing their new sophomore album “The Network” on December 2nd. The instrumental album is eight tracks long for a total running time of just over forty minutes. It is the result of many influences, especially prog, metal, classical, orchestral, electronic, and video game music combined into one strange form by nine members who met through orchestras and university. The vision and compositions by Drummer/Violinist Matthew Logan with the assistance of founding member Shawn Hillman are now being finally brought to life.

Their newest album, “The Network” teleports listeners into a cyberpunk world filled with neon lights, and punctuated with progressive riffs. The last album “Revelation” was released in 2016, and since then, they have taken a more orchestral direction using a string quintet and planning to incorporate more orchestral instruments. Within the cyberpunk world, research is conducted to find the correlation between chord progressions and the manipulation of space and time.

Taking their inspiration from classical symphonies, movies, and video game soundtracks as well as neo-classical even extreme genres like black and death, Opus Arise creates music that will challenge the listener. They are recommended for fans of Animals As Leaders, Liquid Tension Experiment, Planet X, and Scale The Summit.

Track Listing:

1) Inner Skepticism – 5:50
2) Electric Jungle – 6:02
3) Antimatter – 3:22
4) Digital Soundscape – 4:38
5) Reminiscence – 5:21
6) Change – 5:23
7) Timeshift – 5:21
8) The Unanswered Question – 5:13
Album Length: 41:13

Album Band Lineup:
Shawn Hillman Guitar, Cello on “Digital Soundscape”
James Readman: Guitar
Daniel Carmago: Bass Guitar (Tracks 1-3, 5-7)
Matthew Logan: Drums, Violin II
Matthew Hannah: Keyboards
Michelle Gao: Violin I
Ellen Smith: Viola
Daryl Bennett: Cello
Kyle Hagen: Contrabass, Bass Guitar (Track 8)

Opus Arise – Digital Soundscape

Opus Arise – Antimatter

Opus Arise – Electric Jungle

Opus Arise – The Network

Opus Arise – Change

Opus Arise – Reminiscence

Opus Arise – Inner Skepticism

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