Opium Lord

Opium Lord

It seems fitting that Birmingham is finally getting the reconciliation it deserves as the home of metal, which it is currently celebrating with the exhibition of the same name, that Opium Lord, returns with their second album, Vore.

Moving from a bumpy ride with Candlelight Records to link up with Sludgelord Records, the band said: “It’s been a frustrating few years waiting around and having to chase all of the time, almost to the point of breaking up, until we made the decision just to sack off the farce and move on, we were chuffed that we get the opportunity of working with Sludgelord Records, we recognise there is something special happening here, Aaron is working really hard and it’s something we want to be apart of.”

 The new album titled Vore, also features Mike Scheidt of Oregon band Yob who came across Opium Lord while on tour and expressed a will to work with the band and guest stars on the track Columbia.

Opium Lord started life in 2014 and quickly released their first EP on Thirty Days of Night Records, following that they released their first album ‘Eye of Earth’ on Candlelight Records in 2017 followed by a split 7 inch with Rhode Island’s Churchburn gaining plaudits from Vice, BBC Radio 6, BBC Radio 1 Rock Show, Terrorizer Magazine, Big Cheese, Metal Hammer and more along the way.

Since their formation they have toured and played the UK, Europe and North America playing with bands such as Yob, Primitive Man, Weedeater, Swans, Black Cobra, Unearthly Trance, Will Haven, Conan, Oathbreaker and more.

The band who are usually filed under the doom/sludge metal tag say “I think we are one of those bands who doesn’t really know what they are which is a good thing in my eyes, we’d straight up far more rather constantly experiment with our sound than being considered as an out of the box band, our drummer once said we are a downturned surf rock with riffs, if I was asked personally what kind of band we are I’d just say a noise rock band.”

 Opium Lord’s new album Vore via Sludgelord Records on 11th October 2019.


Opium Lord – Sherwood is Connector

Opium Lord – Control

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