Ophidian Forest

Artist: Ophidian Forest
Release title: Tales of Doom and Ignorance
Label: Subcontinental Extreme
Release Date: 01-07-2022

Format: Digital, CD, Cassette
Genre: Progressive Black Metal
Country: United States

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1.Inundation (14:39)
2.Plagues (12:48)
3.Radiation (06:14)
4.Earth Force (10:17)
5.Drought (07:57)

Amalgamoth: Lyrics, Vocals and Keys
DCRF: Bass
Luctus: Guitar
Otrebor: Drums

Ophidian Forest is a transatlantic progressive black metal band that was formed in 2006 and have released 4 full-length albums and 2 split releases with other associated acts. Earlier albums were more raw, chaotic and lo-fi, but since 2018’s 4rth album “VotIVe” they presented both a line-up change as well as a change of musical direction (much to their benefit).
The current members of Ophidian Forest are located in the United States and the Netherlands. “Tales of Doom and Ignorance” is the band’s 5th album. These recordings were made between 2016 and 2020 and were finally mixed by Luctus (guitar) and mastered by Jack Shirley at the Atomic Garden in Oakland CA. They present more elaborate and musically progressive ideas in the forward-thinking black metal territory, which will appeal to fans of early Sigh, Hail Spirit Noir, or early Lunar Aurora. Further aiding their new effort is the advanced production, the best that the band has seen till date. As per tradition, Amalgamoth is behind the vocals, lyrics and atmospheres that you hear on this album alongside Luctus on guitar and mix, Ortebor on drums and a final appearance of DCRF on bass. The album’s remarkable artwork is by the hand of Czech artist Waclaw Traier (

“Our 5th album is called “Tales of Doom and Ignorance” (I write it shorthand as TODAI), and it deals with disaster and cataclysm, in the past and in the future, in reality, and in mythology. That’s the Doom part. The Ignorance part directly relates to Pandora’s trait of curiosity, which also implies the inability (of humanity) to oversee the consequences of meddling with the unknown. A neverending cycle of disasters is part of our existence as a species, and when searching for a subject to write about I was reading somewhere how evolution is (defined by) the periods between mass extinction events. There have been five such events. And since I was working with five pieces of music it clicked with me instantly. The previous albums of Ophidian Forest were centered around history, mythology and mysticism, so that was the direction I was heading.” (Amalgamoth, 2021)


For fans of Sigh (early), Hail Spirit Noir, or Lunar Aurora (early).

Ophidian Forest – The Imminent

Ophidian Forest – The Church is Empty

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