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PD: What type of artist are you?

OE: We are a Metal band from Switzerland with influences both from the Melodic Death Metal sound of Gothenburg as well as the early metalcore era of 2003 and would describe our style as modern metal.


PD: Tell us the brief history of yourself.

OE: Brief is difficult, but we try. 😉

Originally, Ophelia’s Eye started out in 2017 under the names “Project Penny” and “Red Fire Dragon” with cover songs. None of the current line-up was in the band at this time: Remo (Lead Guitar) joined in 2018 and at this point no cover songs were played anymore but own songs were written. Our singer Michel (ex. Sweet Massacre) joined in 2019 which was quite a lucky case:  Michel has placed an ad on Bandbuddy in 2016 that he’s a singer looking for a band. Nothing happened until 2019 our former drummer Marco answered to his ad. Just at this time Michel has gotten his first child but as it fitted very well, he then joined.

In August 2019 Corinne saw an ad from Ophelia’s Eye that they are looking for a guitarist. But since the ad was already from the beginning of 2019 and Corinne only played guitar for just under a year, she did not really believe that this would become something. But she was wrong: The answer from Marco came quick and only a week after Corinne came to a rehearsal and instantly knew that this was the right fit for her.

At this point we had the feeling that we now have the constellation to start out, recorded demos in our room very quick, built up our social media presence and organized our very first concert in February 2020 just before Corona measures took place.

But due to different goals we split up with our bassist just two weeks before our first gig and played without a bass player until we’ve found Sandro who joined in August 2020 and was really a lucky strike.

Another line-up change happened in December 2021 since the goals of Marco and Ophelia’s Eye didn’t match anymore. Stefan – our new drummer – was fortunately found very quick, fits very well with us and brings a new style of drumming into our songs which we are looking forward presenting to you on our debut album and our coming shows.


PD: Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

OE: This is very different for all of us:

For Stefan musically there are quite many: Alain Ackermann from Eluveitie and his current drum teacher, Chris Adler (ex. Lamb of God), Ali Richardson (Bleed from Within), Billy Cobham (Funk and Jazz drummer), Kerim Krimh Lechner (Septicflesh, ex. Decapitated), Sebastian Lanser (Panzerballett, ex. Obscura) and a few more. He grew up in quite a musical family which is why his parents had a great influence as well: His mother Anne was a professional musician and showed him how to practice correctly but also gave good advice and feedback and his father Peter created his own songs for Stefan about Buzz Lightyear (he loved Toy Story). One of Peter’s best friends was also a professional musician who always encouraged Stefan to play and listened to his songs.

Corinne also comes from a family in which music plays a big role and therefore had the opportunity to learn an instrument at an early age. She chose the oboe and played for around 12 years in classical orchestras but at some point realized she wanted to do the music she loves listens to. Her family was and is always really supportive on this path even though most of them would have preferred classical over metal music. 😉 Louise Pellerin as well as Simone Erasmi (former oboe teachers) taught her a lot and had a great influence on her musical journey. Of course, there are a lot of great guitarists which are an influence and motivation for goals such as Fredrik Thordendal (Meshugga) for his tight rhythms, James Hetfield (Metallica) for his downstrokes and many more.

For Remo, James Hetfield also plays a big role since he was the reason Remo wanted to learn guitar. His guitar teacher Michael Seidt accompanies him on his musical journey since many years.

Sandro’s bass teacher Cesar Gonin (Breakdown of Sanity) is a big role model since he manages to play various styles and also combines them very well. He has nearly no non-musical influences since he tries to go his way without influences from others.

This as well is true for Michel as well. For their great and unique vocals his role-models however are Chester Bennington, Anders Fridén (In Flames, ex. Dark Tranquility) and Howard Jones.


PD: What are your dreams and goals?

OE: This is quite easy to answer and the same for all of us: To be able to at least earn a part of our income with our music and therefore be able to have more time for the music since music plays a crucial role for everyone of us in our lives.


PD: Who writes your songs, what are they about?

OE: We define special rehearsals in which we only jam and focus on writing new songs, so we all write together. Besides that, we of course all jam by ourselves when practicing and when someone has an idea he records it and brings it into our jamming sessions and there we then build up the missing instruments and parts.

The lyrics are written by our singer Michel and are always inspired by things we dealt or deal with in our real lives. On this album we dealt with a number of difficult situations, from suicide, misused trust, divisiveness, envy, greed and selfishness.


PD: How do you promote your band and shows?

OE: This depends on what we promote. Normally we do all the promotion and marketing by ourselves as well as managing the band in general.

Since social media is very important these days we of course couldn’t think away promoting and connect with people there. But connections in real life and experiences with people is the thing we still think is most memorable and important which we also go to underground concerts much to support and get to know other bands, talk to our supporters and let help them spread our music. This resulted in some great friendships and collaborations.

However, for our EP we worked with SaN PR ( for radio and magazine coverage and since this collaboration was extremely good, we decided to work with them again for the album.


PD: What do you think about downloading music online?

OE: This is a double-edged sword in our opinion: On one hand, the internet and also the option to download music is a huge opportunity to be heard by as many as possible. Because even if the songs may have been downloaded illegally: If people like the song, they might share it and we get a bigger audience.

But on the other hand, it of course does not help artists when people only download the song but don’t support him (going to concerts, sharing songs, etc.). It is tough nowadays to earn some money with music or even do music which generates enough money to just have a break-even. Also, producing music, videos, shows etc. costs quite some money and artists depend on help – be it financially or with people helping out at shows in order to grow.


PD: What song do you wish you’d written and why?

OE: The Writer from Breakdown of Sanity. It is such a versatile song with so much complexity but in a way that it still doesn’t feel complicated to listen to it. It proves the impressive musical knowledge of these musicians which is very inspiring and we wish we would have that musicality!


PD: What are some of your pet peeves?

OE: Hmm… Poor sound systems, people who interrupt while someone is talking, when someone walks very slow before you and there is no chance of passing, long waiting times – probably about the same what most people somehow annoys.


PD: What is your proudest moment in music?

OE: The release of our first EP especially the many positive reactions to it and our recent gig at the Z7 in Pratteln.

The Z7 is THE metal location in Switzerland and all of us have so many great memories from concerts we saw there so it was a dream come true playing on the very stage we saw some of our favorite bands.


PD: So what are you working on at the moment?

OE: Since we just will release our first album and had a long concert break, we at the moment are working our stage presence to deliver great shows, since luckily quite many are coming in the next months.

We are eager to go on stage and present our songs to live audiences and are therefore keeping our focus on being booked more and in the time we don’t have concerts writing new songs.


PD: What music have you available online and where can we buy it from?

OE: Our EP “Fight for Us” as well as our Single “The Demon behind My Mind” are available on our website, bandcamp and in all common streaming services. Our album “Hopeless World” also will be available there from April 15th on but you can pre-order it from April 5th via our Website or bandcamp.

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