Only Rainyday Rainbow

Only Rainyday Rainbow (oRR!) is the solo effort of Edward Hancock. Wild and eclectic, bold and colourful, and sometimes intense at times, you’ll never know what to expect from Only Rainyday Rainbow!

If a humanoid sentient blender ate up Oh Sees, King Gizz, Syd Barrett, and The Shaggs, then proceeded to overindulge in some trippy substance, and afterwards let forth a chunder into a cassette deck… then that would describe my overactive imagination and maybe a bit of my sound. Also I’m pretty colourful I guess?

When we asked what Only Rainyday Rainbow had in the pipeline, this was the reply:-

Ahh crikey; so I’ve got an upcoming Halloween release called ‘POT SKULL GRIM’ which is essentially me and some dudes making some Drum n Bass Krautrock Psychedelic Garage Rock. There’s also the aforementioned ‘Venomous Vines’ track which is kind of Industrial Psychedelia and my first go at using the Roland SP404. I tell a lie there’s a Shrek themed Lo-Fi instrumental beat that I’ve made that’s not been released yet. I’m going to try and use the SP for more stuff  moving forward but figure out a way to make it less mechanical sounding perhaps. Big thing though, although the aforementioned are going to be epic, is that I’ve recorded a Psych Folk LP with the working title being ‘The Void’. It’s kind of nasty sounding so I’m not sure how peeps will perceive it but it’s definitely out there enough to put out there. I’m also making an E.P or something using just toy instruments, but I’m not sure where that’s going yet. After all that I’ll probably work on making a string of singles based of off the artwork I’ve been making lately. At some point I am also planning an experimental genre mashup thing that’ll be a Neopolitan ice-cream of sorts, although not so chill and not so sweet… I maybe also want to make a minimalist bedroom pop thing but that might be on the backburner for a while we’ll see though… I’ll make music as I feel like it. (read the full interview here )

Only Rainyday Rainbow – CELLAR DWELLER (Baby in the Basement)

Only Rainyday Rainbow – Yourtopia

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