Onism – The Diary Of Fools

Onism – The Diary Of Fools
(1 July 2021, self-release)

  1. Past Internal
  2. The Sound Of Us
  3. Heartbeat
  4. The Crowd
  5. Praying Mantis
  6. Ego

Onism was created on February 2020. The Greek duo is Lupe (also known from his personal project of the same name who recently released the excellent full length “Dark Room”) and Luna. Both Lupe and Luna are vocal coaches and decided to form Onism in order to express their views on the fact that we all are finite and that as human beings our existence is not forever.

The same year they released the “Leyes” EP (November 2020), 4 cathartic songs that showed the bands style and intentions. After a series of excellent single releases (“The Sound Of Us”, “Past Internal”, “Heartbeat”), all of which appear on their debut album, they decided to self-release “The Diary of Fools”. Recently they also hit us hard with another single, “The Crowd”, which also is an excellent song that will make you wanna get “The Diary of Fools” in your collection.

“The Diary of Fools” is self-released by the band in a USB credit card limited to 100 copies. The 6 songs of “The Diary of Fools” create a unique listening experience. The male and female vocals are mixed in avant-garde soundscapes that fire arms from dark wave, gothic rock and neoclassical ground.

The songwriting of Onism is very warm and familiar. It will make you feel as if you already know the songs. Lupe and Luna have excellent vocal skills, they can sing in a variety of expressive ways and styles and their voices stick very well together. The final result is enhanced by a complimentary production.

In my opinion, “The Diary of Fools” must be listened and experienced in its entirety. I also suggest after listening to “The Diary of Fools” you go back and check out the “Leyes” EP, too. Onism have recorded very deep and emotional material that worths your time for sure. They are dreamy, ethereal and dark, but they also have light! They are not depressive! I see Onism as a very personal and unique project that if you get into its meaning, it will be a lifetime companion.

Review by Annie One

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