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One Sultry Day

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Dana Dougherty, founding member of the band. Her music experience started at the early age of 7. She learned to play guitar, piano, drums, flute, and reed instruments all by the age of 12. Throughout grade school Dana was a part of many musical projects, and participated as a musician in major events like Mardi Gras, Concert and Stage performances, Airshows, Mall and Hospital openings, and more.

Dana actually has been to and does have real “This one time at Band Camp…” stories. After college, she left the music industry for a while in order to focus on a tech career. Dana’s heavy focus on engineering paid off, and now she handles all the technical aspects of the band, and also owns and operates M&D Sound out of Kent WA. Dana has run lights and sound for many local acts, and even a few national ones. Four national radio shows are broadcast from her studio, both live and pre-recorded.

Dana relaunched into music several years ago, starting with handling sound and stage management, but quickly moving back into writing and performing music. She has performed at venues throughout the Seattle Metro area, and down into Oregon, California, and Idaho as well. Dana orchestrates much of the musical composition of the original songs of the band.

Roxanne Bradshaw is the lead singer of the band. In Roxanne’s own words: As far back as I can remember music was always the one thing that made me feel alive… My grandma was a piano player, I loved singing with her when she played… she shared her passion for music with me… in grade school I had a 4 octave range, in a choir of 100 kids, my teacher would say, take it down an octave, you know who you are! Especially during “let it be”…I loved the beattles, the Stones, quicksilver messenger service… Alas, I discovered Janis joplin and spent many years developing a more whisky river tone… traveling around singing every song those truck drivers knew…

I landed in Tucson in the mid 70’s and discovered “Choo Choo”s night train….the hottest showcase club ever, became close friends with the infamous “doc & shag”, owner and manager… I have to tell you when AC/DC hit the stage, we nearly peed our pants in laughter… they were the funniest looking cats we had ever seen… but when they started playing we were hooked… The Runaways, the wumblies, and my favorite “wolfgang”… 7 nights a week the best bands of the time were at choo choo’s… Doc and shag invited me and my Sis to Hollywood… we kicked it at The starwood, the big showcase club at the time… DJ Rodney bingerheimer got us backstage passes 7 nights a week… never forget david bowie upstairs, safe from the crowds & autographs… partying with the dr feel good, alas if I would have made it then, I would not be here now… no doubt…

I bore a beautiful daughter, “My Faith”… she restored my faith in mankind… I still sang any chance I got… dabbled in a few bands here and there… in 2014 I started receiving downloads of songs from the rock spirits… anything that raises our vibrations is my passion… I sing messages of self evolution and songs that touch my soul… got invited to the local Jams about a year ago and now I am in the band of my dreams “One Sultry Day” and won’t stop til I take my last breathe…

Jeff Dragon plays lead guitar. Originally from New Jersey, Jeff came to the Northwest via California and attended Rainer Beach H.S. until he entered the Army. After his service he returned to Seattle and was taken in by the punk rock and magickal communities. He filled his life with live shows and arcane practices.

During a few band projects and working shows at various NW venues, he decided to to do production professionally. After some college and an internship at the Stone Pony in NJ, he was picked up by NAF Productions as an audio engineer, where many legendary shows and jams took place.

Later in the 90’s he started playing music at venues again in Los Angeles in between mixing bands down on the strip. The music was always there, under the surface, waiting for a chance to spring. There are some recordings of his work from the past, but the current project is the one that he is focused on. He is in it to have fun and enjoy the moment.

Music is a huge component of his being, he lives and breathes it. He has no favorite style, per say, only an ear for what sounds good to him. Eclectic seems to hardly define his range of enjoyment. On guitar, he has a strong acoustic presence with melodic and a progressive punk/folk chording style, then on electric he can make it sound like your house is being attacked by martians one minute then french kissing a unicorn in the next.

Favorite quote – ” That is the way that it is in that it is that way” – R. Fripp

David Velock. Born in the Chicago area as a child of the Baby Boom generation, David’s youth was spent listening to a broad spectrum of different music and styles. From Classical Music to Old-Time country, Celtic to Folk, famous Broadway musicals to the Big Band sounds of the 30’s and 40’s, much of David’s early childhood was spent soaking up these sounds, and he still enjoys listening to them. After finally hearing Pop and Rock music, David became enamoured with the sounds and thus began his life long passion.

Like many musicians, David started a band in high school and they played on weekends for friends and family, but never got very far before graduation, and college brough and end to the dreams of stardom. After college, David joined an Irish Folk band called “The Conard Trio”, which played many ethnic music festivals and showcases and even did a charity fund raising gig for the D.A.R.E. program.

David has worked as a professional roadie and lighting tech for a number of years and even did a short tour with “Strypes” opening for the “Tubes”. He has set up shows for the Eagles, the Rolling Stones, Elton John, and many other national acts. David continues to pursue music to this day and hopes to keep rocking for many more years to come.

Michelle Wadlow was born in Albequerque, NM. She really didnt get into music until she joined the high school choir. Which may not be entirely accurate, since at the age of 12 she managed to make her microphone work through her fathers home stereo. He was always getting new equiment and with a small band equilizer and a 707 pioneer reel to reel, she was singing along to Elvis and other great artist in her free time.

She was in a band for a short time after highschool, until she had kids, at which time music gave way to work and later in life when she re-discovered karaoke, which was the perfect outlet for her. Karaoke led her to Aury Moore, who is also the reason that Michelle got into sound engineering. Nothing big, but she did have a knack for it and it allowed her to spend time with the Aury Moore (and other) bands. All that time spend engineering she often wished she was in a band playing, but never followed through.

Michelle got into drumming almost by accident. One nite she was playing guitar with Dana but not really enjoying it as much as usual when Dana suggested she try out playing on Eddie’s kit. Even though she had doubts, Michelle hopped on the drums and started playing and a year later she was the official drummer for One Sultry Day. In her own words: “I guess when you want something, even if you dont know what it is at the time, it still happens”.

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