On Atlas’ Shoulders

On February 19, 2021, the ambitious Frankfurt-based band released the music video for the song “Age Of Fire”. 

Lyrically, the song from the upcoming album “Hyperion” presents an epic fantasy story about hope and despair, strongly inspired by the theme of the popular Dark Souls video game series.

“Age Of Fire” is the first single from the upcoming album “Hyperion” and was written by the band while they were locked down in Germany during the lockdown.

Musically, this Traditional/Power Metal epic features catchy melodies and backing vocals, a Neo-classical double guitar solo and eruptive double bass thrusts.

Lyrically, “Age Of Fire” is set as an epic fantasy tale of hope and despair, heavily inspired by the theme of the popular Dark Souls video game series.

We have been working tirelessly on our second full-length studio album and can finally announce that it will be released over the coming months, starting with the first single very soon. Get ready for the next level of @onatlasshoulders!


You love it completely individual, contagiously fervent, thoroughly inspired as well as with the greatest possible devotion?

Then get prepared for 100 % genuine and overwhelming listenable EPIC HEAVY METAL of the highest order!

ON ATLAS’ SHOULDERS stands for uplifting, memorable melodies, an impressive vocal range and moving backing vocals combined with harmonized guitar riffs!

Powerful solos and thundering double bass characterize the enormously beefy sound of these quickly convincing German hopefuls.

On Atlas’ Shoulders – Epic Heavy Metal of the highest order! Memorable melodies, an impressive vocal range and backing vocals combined with harmonized guitar riffs, powerful solos and thundering double bass characterize their sound. The band was founded in late 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany, by Marius Bönisch (vocals) and Benjamin Chadwick (guitar/backing vocals/bass guitar on recordings) and completed with Björn Anders (guitar/backing vocals) and Leonard Pick (drums). They released their debut album “Invictus” in June 2020, laying a strong foundation in the metal scene.

The name On Atlas’ Shoulders originates from the saying “standing on the shoulders of giants”. In science and philosophy, this theme implies that all progress is made by building upon previous discoveries. Individuals such as Albert Einstein or Sir Isaac Newton resemble the so-called “giants” who made essential breakthroughs and enabled further research and progression. Instead of remaining in their shadows, progress is made by standing on their shoulders and using their knowledge as a catalyst for future discoveries. On Atlas’ Shoulders transfers this concept into the musical realm. Musicians and bands are influenced by the preceeding musical giants, build upon their work and transform the music into something new.

Marius Bönisch • Vocals
Ben Chadwick • Guitar & Backing Vocals
Björn Anders • Guitar & Backing Vocals
Ben Chadwick • Bass
Leo Pick • Drums

On Atlas’ Shoulders – Age Of Fire

On Atlas’ Shoulders – Leviathan

On Atlas’ Shoulders – Legend Pt.1

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