OMAZONE – Home Time!

OMAZONE – Home Time!



A diverse album that traverses musical styles such as rock, pop, funk, blues and folk. Check it out now and play it loud!

​OMAZONE (Ben Wintle) is a Melbourne, Australia based independent, musician, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. “Home Time!” is his debut solo album released in February 2017:

“I love a wide variety of musical styles, so I wanted this album to contain a wide variety of styles, using different instruments, rhythms and percussion on each song. Every vocal was to be delivered and recorded differently, with a wide variety of backing vocals to make each song very distinct.

After playing my first shows in primary school, years of playing live in original/covers bands, some touring interstate and studio recording I decided to take some time out from work and write, record and produce a solo album.”

Track One and Track Ten use only cigar box guitars, that include a twelve string, a six string, four string and a cigar box bass! On this album all instruments are arranged and played by B Wintle, except Track Two, which includes a ripping guitar solo played by the amazing and talented Bryan Dodge.  All songs were written by B Wintle, except Track Eight where the words are by B Wintle, the music was written by B Wintle and Aaron Russell. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by B Wintle.


Track by Track by Ben Wintle

  1. Black & Disabled

This song is about people getting upset over the small things in life. For years I had the line “I am black, I am disabled and I’m nearly six years old”, after seeing a disabled child playing in a park, laughing and loving life. When you step back and look, there are others who may be in a far worse position than us and they are getting on with life and taking a positive approach to their circumstances. Some people get stressed and depressed over their “first world” problems, it’s good to get over it, get on with it and think about how lucky most of us are. Some people feel inadequate after seeing images of what the media and advertisers want us to look like and be like – thus the line: “The life shown in magazines, it ain’t nothin like what it seems, so I’m happy with who I am right now”.

I really wanted this song to have a sixties “jangle” to it, so it features a home made 12 string cigar box guitar. All of the instruments on this track (besides the drums) are cigar box guitars, hand made by my brother under the name Hell Belly Lo Fi, using top components like P90 Gibson pickups and quality Commancho cigar boxes from Cuba. The guitar collection on this track includes a 12 String cigar box, a 6 string, a 4 string and a cigar box bass guitar. You can see a picture of these magnificent guitars below.

  1. Let Loose On The Weekend​

This is all about working hard all week and the build up to the weekend with that magnificent feeling of achievement, release, freedom and celebration – when the weekend is all in front of you! It’s the most exciting time of the week, after working hard all week.

​Listen out for the three second party at the start of the song where there’s every vice we could think of, recorded in three seconds! It’s meant to capture the sound of 70’s Aussie Rock and the blistering guitar solo was played by the amazingly talented Bryan Dodge.

At the end of the song you’ll hear the sound of the empty bottles, cans, stubbies and rubbish being thrown into the bins, then the bins being wheeled out to the street for the rubbish collection, the end of the weekend! It’s back to reality, work, school, university and the start of another week where we do it all again. I’m a huge fan of Aussie Rock throughout the decades, this one is a nod to great bands like early AC/DC and the Angels (on the Alberts label).


  1. OMAZONE Chromazone Blues

Paul McCartney once said he wished he could write a song about the ozone layer, but nothing rhymed with “ozone”. I thought to myself, why not add an additional syllable – and came up with “OMAZONE”! It had to be rhymed with “chromazone” and so this funky song was born….The lyrics focus on some of the many mixed social messages and advice for life we receive from the media...

We don’t hear much “scat” singing these days, so listen out for the “scat solo”, ha haaaaaa! “OMAZONE” is a unique word, so after a vote with friends, I decided to make this my artist name.


  1. The Shelf

This one is a folky tune, the only song to include some harmonica. It’s about working long hours and the sacrifice you make to do it and earn a wage. It might be good financially, but if you spend all of your time at work – you neglect other areas of your life and “put your life on The Shelf”…. Finding that balance between work and life is a dilemma we each have to solve for ourselves. It’s played on a steel string acoustic guitar in an open G tuning and the sound of the drums is actually brushes on cardboard!

  1. Milkshakes Cornflakes

This one is a rockin’ 2 minute instrumental that I thought could be used as a theme in a spy/action/thriller movie in a car chase scene or shoot out, it could be good behind some sporting highlights on TV!…. It’s a blend of rock riffage, 80’s electro beats and synth, crank it up loud!

  1. Love Of A Broken Heart

A song of hope and encouragement for those who are down in the dumps after a relationship breakup or fight. This one has a haunting keyboard solo in the middle and big build up to the last chorus with multiple vocal lines and vocal harmonies weaving a web of melody, to lift up the downhearted.

  1. See if It Fits

This one started with a drum loop that I had to drop at the last minute, as there was too much noise in it. The riff and words are a raunchy bump and grind, for those who dance live on stage… This one also features a keyboard freakout and a duel slide solo on the Hellbelly Lo Fi Commancho cigar box guitars made by my brother.


  1. Your Name

Originally a really uptempo rock song that I used to play live with Wicked Smile, one of the bands I used to play in. The bass player of that band Aaron Russell liked the words, slowed it down and simplified it to a few chords on the acoustic guitar. I loved his re working and we never did record this song at all, so I thought it would be worth recording with some strings and in this slower orchestrated style. The riff at the start uses double tracked E Bow on the guitar!

  1. Doctor of Lurve

I love JJ Cale, his grooves and minimal production. This song contains one vocal, a bass, drums and guitar. The lead guitar work was improvised and I left it on there just as it went down. I really liked the groove and wanted to put in a softly sung JJ Cale type vocal. It’s one to give comfort when your alone and can’t sleep at night… The doctor’s coming, to make you feel alright!


  1. Interconnection​

This is the second song on the album consisting entirely of the cigar box guitars made by my brother (Hellbelly Lo Fi guitars). These guitars are made using quality Cuban Commancho cigar boxes. This song was written on a four string Commancho cigar box guitar called”Fireball”. It showcases the brilliant sound of the Gibson P90 guitar pick up in it and the craftsmanship of the guitar maker. The bass is also a Commancho cigar box, made by Hellbelly Lo Fi. The rhythm guitar is a six string cigar box guitar.

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