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Oh Tambo

An energetic roller coaster ride – that’s what Oh Tambo, a rock band with mixed influences like indie, Seattle and 70’s, wants to bring the audience every gig. The band is formed by Sweden born Australian songwriter Mattias Ahlén (Token, July). Rest of the crew are guitarist Magnus Wikström (Roxie 77, Môra Per), drummer Magnus Frid (Stonepark, Ruh) and bass player Daniel Sellberg (Ruh).

Mattias Ahlén and Magnus Wikström first hooked up on stage at Sweden Rock Festival when Mattias made a guest vocal appearance with Alice Cooper’s guitarist Ryan Roxie’s band Roxie 77. Mattias was eager to get his old foot soldier and companion Magnus Frid on board, also drummer in the Swedish band Ruh who has opened up for The Who and The Ark. When Magnus joined forces he brought Daniel Sellberg from Ruh, and boom! – Oh Tambo was born.

It’s hard to miss Oh Tambo if you are frequent at live clubs in Stockholm – in the last year they have played regularly and have acquired a faithful audience.

Now the band releases its fourth single “I Don’t Care (What The Other Say)”.

The three previous singles with self-written material are joined by a fourth single. Wednesday, October 10, the song will be released on the regular streaming services.

“I Don’t Care is about not caring for external influences and daring to fight for your dreams. It’s about standing up for yourself and daring to relate to who you are”, says the band’s singer and songwriter Mattias Ahlén.

He has so far written all the songs of the band, but reveals that there may be more collaboration on the material in the future. Oh Tambo started playing together in 2016 and its members are experienced musicians with many tours and exciting musical meetings behind them.

The song is, according to the pre-listeners, a hit pop/rock pearl that works well on the band’s energetic live shows. The text is as uncompromising as the song’s forward drive.

“The song is aimed primarily at people who fight for their cause. Can be very varied who can identify with the message. Everything from aesthetic cultures to the HBTQ movement. The text says that people should accept themselves and their choices of life all the way to the end, says Mattias Ahlén.

Oh Tambo is a new and soulful rock band with as much content as energy.

The band is formed by Swedish-born Australian Mattias Ahlén (Token, July). On guitar Magnus Wikström (Tom Per, Roxie 77), drummer is Magnus Frid (Stonepark, Ruh) and bassist is Daniel Sellberg (Ruh).

Oh Tambo – Burning Up Inside

Oh Tambo – Loophole

Oh Tambo – Journeyman

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