Of The Sun

Of The Sun
Pattern Rebirth (Single)
Release: 8 February 2023

Progressive death metal project OF THE SUN is gearing up to unleash the new EP Pattern Rebirth. Following the debut Before A Human Path, the new single and forthcoming offering unveil an intricate and deathly embrace.

“Into Battle was the original title and concept of what became Pattern Rebirth, though it was never fully realized. Based on the imagined experience of someone who entered an ancient battlefield (an experience had by so many throughout history), I was able to write the first 4 guitar sequences before running into a dead end. I found myself having a hard time with the concept itself. The emotional connection to it just wasn’t there, and I found myself spending more time than necessary researching details in an effort to ground myself to the theme. It started to feel insincere, so I put it down and walked away for a while. Then, in the middle of a tattoo session, the vibe of the song revealed itself to me in its true form; Pattern Rebirth. It was about facing a dreaded truth in order to fight for something better, to transform that state of shared reality.

Entwined in an illusive sea of intricate guitar leads, demonic harsh vocals and pounding percussion, “Pattern Rebirth” wastes no time in descending to the depths. OF THE SUN incorporates the death metal essentials into their own distinctive concoction of melodies and textures. Dynamically transforming through each chapter of the song, non-standard time signatures, dissonance and bursts of energy all manifest across this intriguing track. OF THE SUN introduces one final twist with an ethereal, oriental-edged outro. Enter the creative realms devised by OF THE SUN, it’s heavy, impactful and delivers an exciting display of musicality.


Beginning in Myrtle Beach, SC, before moving to Austin, TX, and landing in southern Germany, the metal outfit, OF THE SUN, has traveled a long, winding path, and continues to build on its approach to song writing through structural variation and stylistic revisions. Influenced by bands like BTBAM, OPETH, SOUNDGARDEN, and MR BUNGLE, OF THE SUN draws from a diverse vocabulary of musical language and boils it down into the particular visions of chief creator, Patrick Duvall. Recruiting from overseas, drummers Bryce Butler (SHADOW OF INTENT, THE FACELESS, CONTRARIAN) and Rom Gov (SEEK IRONY, TIBETAN SKY RITUAL), along with bassist Jacob Umansky (INTERVALS, THE FACELESS, PAINTED IN EXILE) have joined ranks for Pattern Rebirth.

Patrick Duvall

Pattern Rebirth Credits:
Drums (Tracks 3 & 4) – Bryce Butler (SHADOW OF INTENT, THE FACELESS, CONTRARIAN)
Drums (“Lost Tongue”) – Rom Gov (SEEK IRONY, TIBETAN SKY RITUAL)
Producer – Sebastian Cure

Of The Sun – Pattern Rebirth

Of The Sun – Tentacled Eye

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