Octopus Montage


Following on from the band’s feature length debut – “How To Live & How To Lose” – five piece pop-punk/metalcore band Octopus Montage follow up with the “Voices: Versions” EP – dedicated to the breakout single from the album, which aims to showcase Octopus Montage‘s immeasurable creative capacity through different renditions of one of the group’s most successful tracks, including the original version of the song, an EDM remix and an acoustic rendition.

Premiered by Slipknot’s Knotfest, “Voices” quickly became a fan favourite, amassing over half a million streams on Spotify at the time of writing. The original song, of which opens the EP, is a perfect blend of demonic, screamed verses and breakdowns with catchy melodic, choruses.

The second track of the EP, an acoustic version of the song, couldn’t be further from the original if it tried. “Voices – Stripped” really catches the emotional side of this song, with all clean vocals and a lower tempo putting the listener into the vulnerable state in which the song was written.

The third and final song on the EP is a remix of the original song from American EDM producer BVLVNCE, who takes the breakout track and brings it up several notches; the electronics increase the energy of the essence of the song, while maintaining the heaviness with the harsh vocals and the breakdown. This rendition closes out the EP, really giving the impression that “Voices: Versions” has come full circle with Octopus Montage having pushed the song into multiple different life forms. The remix is perfect for metalheads who want to add a bit of spice to their party playlist. Its force is insurmountable, pushing the quintet’s unique sound to different limits. This fiery remix of the single will surely compel listeners of varying music tastes, as well as existing fans of the group.

With this release, Octopus Montage is proving they are one of the most innovative forces in metal today with their versatile sound and creative capacity, as the quintet is only beginning their takeover of the rock and metal scene.


1. “Voices”
2. “Voices – Stripped”
3. “Voices – BVLVNCE Remix”

Octopus Montage are:

Dec Naylor – Vocals/Guitar
Alex Jennings – Vocals/Guitar
Davina Naylor – Bass
Cain Dylan – Drums

Octopus Montage – Voices – Stripped

Octopus Montage – Vendetta

Octopus Montage – Mother Tucker Dude, That Hurt Like A Buttcheek On A Stick

Octopus Montage – Don’t Run Your Mouth

Octopus Montage – Voices

Octopus Montage – Dopamine

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