Octopus Montage

We’re a 4 Piece Pop Punk/Metalcore band from Blackpool, UK Over the past few years we’ve been working on our first EP, which we have scrapped and redone numerous times to make sure we’re all happy with it and to be confident that our fans will enjoy!
The culmination of all our hard work over the past two years! With songs stretching from slam esque Breakdowns to acoustic ballads blended together in a crock-pot of bouncy tunes you cant help but dance to! Give it a listen and let us know what you think!
Dec Naylor – Vocals/Guitar
Alex Jennings – Vocals/Guitar
Davina Naylor – Bass
Cain Dylan – Drums

Octopus Montage – Now I’m Gone

Octopus Montage – Everything I Own

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