Ocean’s Eye

Ocean’s Eye

Mark Cross welcomes Bill Hudson to OCEAN‘S EYE

“Great news!
As previously stated, we are excited to have singer Apollo (ex Firewind, Spiritual Beggars) and bassist Gus Macricostas (Biff Byford) on board, and now welcome the talented Bill Hudson on guitar.
Bill is known for working with Trans-Siberian Orchestra, U.D.O., I Am Morbid, Doro Pesch a.o. He also released his first album with his band Northtale in 2019.”

Mark added: “Bill is an old friend and we’ve first met and worked on some of his songs together in 2004. I am more than happy to work with him again after so many years and know that this will just sound awesome having such a talented player on board! Welcome to the “Ocean´s Eye Clan”, Bill!

Stay tuned and visit our social media pages for further updates and upcoming tourdates!”

Best known for working with the rock bands Firewind, Tainted Nation and Helloween, and filling in for the Scorpions at the Grand Prix in Bahrain on 5th April 2014, Mark Cross, groovy and hard-hitting veteran drummer launches his new Band OCEAN´S EYE!
With a stellar lineup featuring past bandmates, he presents a ‘Best of …’ from his collaborations with bands and artists on stage and in the studio.
For nearly 35 years, he has worked with a league of international artists like Kingdom Come, Firewind, Deep Purple´s Ian Gillan and Joe Lynn Turner, UK´s NWOBHM pioneers Tank and Saracen, Bass player Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake, The Dead Daisies), The Scorpions, Tainted Nation, Hardline, Outloud, Metalium, Helloween and more, which earned him respect as a drummer and musician in the international music industry.

Mark´s latest releases were three fantastic sounding albums:
1. TOWER OF BABEL aka JOE STUMP´S TOWER OF BABEL ‘Lake of fire’ Lion Music in 2017.
2. The second CD & Vinyl release of GOD´S ARMY ‘Demoncracy’ ROAR – Rock of Angels Records in October 2018.
3. Drum recordings on VANISHING SIGNS debut album, released in May 2019 and a feature on the masterpiece of symphonic metal outfit VIVALDI METAL PROJECT ‘The Four Seasons’, released by Pride & Joy Music in 2016. Mark also became their touring drummer 2018 – 2019.

Hundreds of well-earned pints and 54 albums later, he felt the time had come to set sail once more and do things his way with OCEAN´S EYE.

OCEAN´S EYE is presenting mostly music of the bands they were all involved with in the past, as well as some new material, and the band has its eyes on releasing all-new material in the future.
The lineup is selected from the league of past band mates, world class players, a very powerful team to represent Mark´s work, past to present, with a perfect setlist for a fantastic live show.

Mark carefully selected a sting of songs that will be well received by fans and provide a great performance sonically, musically, and visually, and not only the typical songs everyone might expect.

A limited edition LP on vinyl is also underway, featuring newly recorded songs.
For the upcoming shows Mark also arranged a new drum solo, showing his skills and techniques, and a representation of some of the greatest drummers of the past.

Ocean’s Eye
Band/Artist location – London England