What sets apart Ocean Mind from all the other bands is their power trio attitude…No gadgets, no trickery, no click track, no sampling… 

Back in 2008, 3 different personalities joined together and created Ocean Mind, a rocking power trio from Athens – GREECE ,mixing different elements of rock music into a unique, cohesive style.

Soon afterwards (March 2009), their debut demo “Alone we walk together we fly” was out public through CD Baby & iTunes. Media responses were very encouraging and people around the world shared positive comments…

Without any compromise and second thoughts, this rocking trio got restless and aimed high, by choosing to do things theirway . Unlike most bands worldwide, they emerged from Athens – Greece (not the easiest place for a rock band to survive at this time) and laid it all on the Line by strongly believing that key to success is to believe in yourself.

As a result, in August 2011 Ocean Mind travelled to U.S.A. – Hollywood, L.A., in order to record their 1st album ”2 ready 2 live”, at Swing-House Studios along with producer Lee Popa (Tool,Korn,Ministry) and sound man Ken Eisennagel.

“2 ready 2 live” was released on March 2013by Leaders Records in Europe and U.S.A., and two months later in Japan. This album made Ocean Mind to establish a well promising status and it has been highly recommended from rock media critics, from all over the world.

Right after their first album release, they started immediately rehearsing and writing new songs for their second album. Their restless spirits and their overpowering hunger for music and life, worked as an inexhaustible source of inspiration…and it led them to the creation of “UnderWater”… Their new double album. Nowadays OCEAN MIND remixing and remastering their 3 albums and will be available at the band’s bandcamp page for downloading.As a band that made to be played loud they are moving forward with the addition of a new drummer and a bass player for further musical explorations.Stay tuned!

OCEAN MIND – Find Yourself

OCEAN MIND – Victim of Gravity


Band location – Athens Greece

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