Obsidian Mantra

Obsidian Mantra
Minds Led Astray
Digital / CD
Independent Release


1 – Shield Of Disbelief
2 – The Demon-Haunted World
3 – Ghost Hunt(The Discoverie)
4 – False Spirituality
5 – Interldue 1
6 – The Orphans Bloodline
7 – The First Disbeliever
8 – Circle Of Mourners
9 – Interlude 2
10 – Eternal Atonement

Polish modern death metal band Obsidian Mantra, formed in 2014 in Kwilcz. Three elements have given the basis for its foundation: emphasis on heavy groove, ambitious composing attitude and expressing the overwhelming loneliness and fragility of mankind. Shortly after Obsidian Mantra was founded, its first 30-minutes EP Burden Brought by Whispers was physically self-released. Such crave for musical expression and following own vision manifests from this moment and will be accompanying the band further. Following hard work and gaining the stage experience, Obsidian Mantra recorded its debut full-length

Existential Gravity (self-released, 2017).

Existential Gravity demonstrated individual approach to extreme music, in which the dissonant and complex rhythmic parts intertwine with writhing melodies, and black metal and experimental influences coexist with atmospheric blurrings, creating the landscape of heaviness and anger, reflection and suffering. Attention to details and search for novelty have resulted in a warm reception of the album, as well as more exposure, especially to the Polish underground scene, which enabled Obsidian Mantra to perform shows on such events as Black Waves Fest or Jarocin Festiwal and sharing the stage with the bands such as Mord’a’Stigmata, Downfall of Gaia, Entropia, Moanaa, Eternal Deformity or Hegemone.

Each subsequent Obsidian Mantra’s release brings new themes and incorporates fresh components to the core of groove-centric death metal. In the case of latest Minds Led Astray the main focus was on writing shorter and more coherent songs – still keeping the refined compositions – and delivering the former dose of groove – but rooted in even more inhospitable and darker sonic aura. Lyrically, Minds Led Astray explores the issues of irrationality and mankind’s vulnerability to it, drawing on and reffering to the skepticism tradition extending from the first protests against witch trails, throughout denouncing the spiritists séances to more recent activitity of modern skeptics.

Current Obsidian Mantra’s line-up:

Kacper Kajzderski – vocals, guitar
Jan Grzesiak – guitar
Mateusz Witan – drums

Band: Obsidian Mantra

Album title: ‘Minds Led Astray’
Releasedate: November 27th 2020
Independent Release

Obsidian Mantra – Ghost Hunt (The Dicoverie)

Obsidian Mantra – The Demon Haunted World

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