Oblivion Throne

Oblivion Throne
‘Voidgazer EP’
(Speed Metal)

Release Date: January 25. 2023
FFO: Bathory, Voivod, Celtic Frost
Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Short Bio: Mountain-dwelling speed metal marauders OBLIVION THRONE formed in the Winter of 2021 after discussing the desire to throw genre tags out the window, drawing influence from Saxon, to Candlemass, to Death, to Darkthrone. This power trio already boasts a wealth of material, having played gigs with bands such as Nunslaughter, Night Demon, Ectovoid, The Black Moriah and plenty more. With the release of their new EP, ‘VOIDGAZER’, Oblivion Throne seeks to plant their flag in the ground and establish their sound, and set their sights for expansion.

Oblivion Throne – Voidgazer (Live)

Oblivion Throne – MARAUDER

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