O.Y.D. – Indigo

O.Y.D. – Indigo

Ο.Υ.D. –  “Indigo” (self-released March 2019)

  1. Escape From Monkey Island
  2. Indigo Flow
  3. Nanohopes
  4. One Of Those Days
  5. Going Ballistic
  6. Jungle High
  7. Landslide
  8. Sisyphus
  9. The Y Axis

One Year Delay (O.Y.D.) is a modern metal band from Greece. They bear influences from the late 90’s-early 00’s nu metal scene and they add in their sound some nice groovy themes and hooks to spice things up. They actually owe their name to the coincidence of everything they wanted coming a year later!

O.Y.D. released their debut album “Deep Breath” in 2015 with Toby Wright behind the console. The album did very good and they learned many things from it, so here they are back 4 years later with “Indigo”.

For the “Indigo” release, O.Y.D. decided to work with Fredrik Nordström. They traveled to Sweden and recorded at Frederik Nordström’s own studios, Fredman Studios. Their determination to work hard on their productions is very positive and – let me tell you – it repays them; the final result is very strong and stands side by side with the elite releases of their genre.

In “Indigo” O.Y.D. seem to have left aside for a moment their nu metal roots that had a leading role on “Deep Breath” to release something really heavier and more aggressive, while being very emotional and within the modern/groove metal genre.

The songwriting in “Indigo” is heavy and is based on the aggressive riff-work. The groove is always on and the tempo changes are fabulous. The breakdowns are an essential part of the music here and it seems like O.Y.D. have found their way to build up a song nicely. The production again is the pilot to the final excellent result.

The use of synths in songs like “Escape From Monkey Island” creates nice hooks and atmospheres. Songs like “Indigo Flow” and “Nanohopes” are instant club favorites and as far as I can tell the band’s influences seem to vary from Slipknot, Deftones, Tool and Gojira to Faith No More. Apart from modern metal and nu metal, O.Y.D.’s influences also come from post hardcore. Needless to say that all influences are very well filtered to form an own O.Y.D. blend.

“Indigo” is one of those releases that you don’t really expect to “catch you” at first, but after the first seconds it does! The band is in an upward route and I honestly think they will make a “boom” really soon. At least that’s what I expect!

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