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O Branco e o Indio

This is ‘Nonato’, the first video off the cd Plantas Renováveis by the Brazilian art-rock-experimental-psych-pop band O Branco e o Indio. The album was released at the end of 2018 without any videos because the band didn’t want to influence the listeners with images, and it’s gotten worldwide airplay on radio stations in the US, Canada, England, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, Morocco and Brazil. 
The video-installation-performance for ‘Nonato’ was made by OBEOI themselves, inspired by the hypnotic lyrics (“I don’t know what to say, I don’t know what to do”) that carry a wide gamma of intentions, meanings and thoughts – artistic, existential, political… It is directly linked to the Plantas Renováveis album cover. Both are installations made by visual artist, vocalist and guitarrist Flavio Abbes, who works with adhesive tapes. On the album cover, the enveloped object is the Pratotarra, an instrument created by the band during the recording sessions. On the video, shot and edited by drummer and director Pedro Serra, the enveloped target is bassist and actor Roberto Souza, who is pacifically tied to the floor until he’s blindfolded and gagged, when he finally rebels up and struggles to free himself. 
The singles from it have been getting airplay on radio stations all over the world such as KEXP FM and KXSF FM (US), Granollers FM and Contrabanda FM (Spain)6 Towns Radio (England), UAM 94.1 FM (Mexico), Furor 93.5 FM and FM Universidad de La Plata (Argentina)Suba al Aire 88.4 FM (Colombia) and Ness Radio (Morocco), as well as Brazilian radio stations.

After venturing through noise experimental sounds as a duo, the Brazilian band from Rio de Janeiro O BRANCO E O INDIO’s guitarrists and vocalists Flavio Abbes (IN-SONE and UAR) and Bruno Rezende (ex-Lucas Santtana, Carne de Segunda and Canastra) decided to call in bassist Roberto Souza (ex-Os Dissidentes) and drummer Pedro Serra (Estranhos Românticos) in 2017 to return to the world of pop: to the melodies and metric, to the good and old tune. But the noise, dissonance, effects and the disturbing but fascinating arrangements linger in their ART-ROCK-PSYCHEDELIC-EXPERIMENTAL-POP style. The’ve harmonized the hemispheres and found their equator line. 

The cover art is the photo of a piece made with an instrument they developed for this album, the pratotarra. In the 12-original-song CD there’s a sound and rhythm mix that is influenced by Talking Heads, Os Mutantes, Sonic Youth, Clube da Esquina, Ween, Júpiter Maçã, James Chance, Neu! and Devo (among others) and scrambles them all together with the extensive musical experience of the four band members, generating their sensorial and imagetic sound with neo-concrete, existential and surreal lyrics.

O Branci e o Indio – Nonato

O Branco e o Indio – Plantos Renovaveis teaser

O Branco e o Indio – Aumentado

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