Matt Lovell and Chris Tate are the core of Nunchucker, they met in 2006 at an all day extreme drinking event in Camden UK known as ‘Lazy Cow’-this short lived yet spectacularly debauched club was a favourite amongst actors,comedians and musicians of the day many of whom are now household names.The music was an eclectic mix of dance,indie and dirty Rock n Roll and this blend would go on to spawn what became Nunchucker.

Chris Tate was already engaged in other music projects including his own band Trash Money an electro punk affair which smuggled rock influences into the mix, songs like 747 (unmistakable Saxon and Motorhead motifs) their debut album even covered AC/DC’s shoot to thrill.

By late 2006 a few threads of Nunchucker songs were starting to take shape after Chris and Matt embarked on trying to write songs to accompany a possible movie script.

Fast forward to late 2015,Trash Money had all but wrapped up and the duo decided to revisit the Nunchucker tracks-and write new ones,of the old tracks the bones of 3 or 4 made the cut, ‘She’s on the Pole’ survives in its entirety from 2007 – riffs and lyrics in Rock Kid, The Tower, Sweet Smell of Rock’n’Roll and Coffin Nails all hail partially from way back then, everything else you hear is all new Nunchucker.

Nunchucker is riff based Rock n Roll that draws on anything that will serve the song-it’s about melodic solos (not a who’s fastest gym workout) real chords not some fancy stretchy thing with extra fingers, dirty grimy sleazy backstairs fucking riffs and crafted songs that will ear-worm into your brain.

This is the classic rock you been praying for son – get your boots on…..and…

“Chuck out the Nuns – motherfuckers.”

Nunchucker – The Sweet Smell of Rock ‘N’ Roll

Nunchucker – Mirror Mirror

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