I’ve been playing guitar for a long time. Since about age 7. I’ve recorded and performed, primarily as a guitarist, in a wide variety of rock, pop, metal, thrash, death, grind core, alternative and contemporary bands. While I enjoyed every moment of it, something was missing. My writing never really fit with any of those styles. I was always trying to cram my compositions into the genre I was actively perusing.

So here I am – taking the reins and writing what I write. No preconceptions, just the melodies and words in my head. I’ve waited too long to do this, and I’ve never been more excited. \m/

Noreika Latest Release News

Noreika – BoXaRoX Coming soon!

Noreika – Throw the Switch to Begin

Noreika – Metacoustifolk – Make a Stand

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Artist location – Buffalo New York

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