Nomadic Narwhal

Nomadic Narwhal
‘Fathoms – Part IV – Hadal Zone’
(Cinematic Metal, Symphonic Metal, Progressive Metal)

Release Date: 12/30/22
FFO: Devin Townsend, Deftones, Amon Amarth, Nightwish
Location: Dayton, Ohio

For more than just ocean lovers, Nomadic Narwhal takes a new path in sonic storytelling. With a cocktail of modern metal, underwater sound design, and cinematic drama; Nomadic takes you on a journey from the beaches to parts unknown. While keeping plenty of room open to interpretation, it is clear that this is not a guided tour. This is an oceanic odyssey shared between artist and listener.

Fathoms is a four part concept album exploring the different atmospheric zones in the ocean. Starting from the surface and ranging to the sea floor, each pelagic zone has its own curiosities and mystique. In short, Nomadic dedicates 3 songs per zone to musically capture the atmospheres encountered on a journey from topside to the deepest chasms of the ocean.

The fourth and final part of the Fathoms album from Nomadic Narwhal marks the reaching of the sea floor however not the end of the journey. With the signature open to interpretation approach, it is safe to say there is plenty to explore in this sonic trek to the bottom. From striking choral harmonies to underwater sound design we are transfixed between the shifting of tectonic plates and the depths of the deepest trenches there is to offer.

Part I – Sunlight Zone (Epipelagic Zone)

Part II – Midnight Zone (Mesopelagic Zone)


Part III – Abyssal Zone (Abyssopelagic Zone) is inspired by the crushing pressure, pitch black, and desolate landscapes found at 5000m below the surface.

Part IV – Hadal Zone (Hadalpelagic Zone) is based on the always shifting and unstable sea floor / trenches. The deepest chasms of our planet.

Nomadic Narwhal – Fathoms Trailer

Nomadic Narwhal – Fathoms Part 4 Hadal

Nomadic Narwhal – Fathoms Part 3 Abyssal

Nomadic Narwhal – Fathoms Part 2 Midnight

Nomadic Narwhal – Fathoms Part 1 Sunlight

Nomadic Narwhal – Fathoms trailer

Nomadic Narwhal – Arrival

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