No Teeth

No Teeth

No Teeth are an Experimental Noise-Punk band hailing from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Combining elements of various different genres such as noise-rock, post-punk, garage rock and stoner rock, No Teeth create their own unique sound featuring a fuzzy forefront, doomy hysterical breakdowns and gallivanting vocal choruses to create a harsh yet melodic sound that you can still move your feet to.

No Teeth started off in the autumn of 2016, releasing their first single “Mother” to coincide with their first gig, heading Jumpin’ Jacks in the centre of their hometown Newcastle upon Tyne. Since then they have released another 2 singles, and later on that year went on to release an EP entitled “Wither” which coincided with their headline gig at Think Tank also in Newcastle city centre.

Since the release of “Wither” No Teeth have gained a member, supported the Wytches at Riverside at their first headline gig in Newcastle since 2014. They have also supported bands like Yak, Goat Girl, Weirds, Paul Jacobs, Crows, Allusondrugs, Show Me The Body, Slowcoaches, Baby Strange and many others over their 1 year of being a band, proving to be a force to compete with in the north of England. They also opened the Think Tank stage at the first Hit The North, claiming to be the biggest inner city music festival in the north east.

No Teeth take pride in having many many different inspirations for their music, Country Teasers, Pissed Jeans, Sandy Pussy, The Fat White Family, and many more would be considered inspirations, which gives a very different feel to their music.

Sparkie Williams
Toots M’Gee
Pecker Slapper
Jonny Concreet
Military Milk ‘Tache
Pats Schvinstika

No Teeth – 1930s Graphic Design Menopause

No Teeth – Under Conferette Law (Feed The Ducks)

Band/Artist location – Newcastle Upon Tyne England
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