No Good Sons

No Good Sons

No Good Sons

A Newbury based rock band, bringing all different influences from past and present to create a sound that’s unique and leaves you wanting more. If its got a beat and a bottle of whisky at the end, then were all over it.

Described in the US as playing good honest southern rock and blues, supported in Canada for Album of the week on Indie Raido, ranked 2nd on Amazon Download Rock Chart on their album release date, the No Good Sons are paving the way for a new era in Southern Rock n Roll in the United Kingdom.

No Good Sons – One Way Ticket

No Good Sons Do You Remember

A few weeks before Christmas a debut album by an unsigned indie band was released on Amazon. It has become a bit of an internet phenomenon because it immediately outsold albums by Mettalica, Adele, Queen and Leonard Cohen all on the same day.

 The band is, of course, The No Good Sons. The album is Revelations of a Whiskey Soaked Past. The album is a collection of rockers, ballads, and foot-tappers. 

The band are fiercely independent believing, as they do, that the big corporates inevitably stifle creativity.

Band members are :

Ken Lingus – Guitar / Vocals

Mike Barbour – All percussion.

Simon Catt – Bass 

Martin Pawley – Guitar

Although only a four piece, Simon, Mike, Martin and Ken sound far greater then the sum of their parts.

Recent reviews:

“Simple good time tunes and riffs – it sounds like you’re in safe hands with these guys but there’s still an edge of danger about them” 

“Forget the zeitgeist, this is an uncompromising rock album. Welcome back Rock, we’ve missed you”

“Think ZZTop with a Whiskey chaser”

Their credo is have “fun and entertain” – and, already being booked for the Summer Festival season in the U.K – there are going to be many happy crowds.


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