Newfound Strangers

Newfound Strangers

newfound strangers

Newfound Strangers are a rock band from Derby, UK made of up talented musicians with vast experience – we have well over 50 years of gigging experience between us. 
We believe that success comes from doing things the right way – starting with writing songs the audience can connect with, but following it up with a local presence through as many shows as as possible as well connecting with our fans through social media and local media connections.

The Band was born in October 2016 when Chris Payne responded to Dave Kent’s advert for musicians. Sometimes things just fit and this is what happened here. Dan Shaw soon joined the band on Bass and Nathan Rose on Drums (after a brief stint from a previous drummer). The hunt for a singer of the right calibre had proved elusive so Dan stepped in – and we haven’t looked back since! 

The band has vast experience both on the road and in the studio, with over 50 years combined experience which shows in the expressiveness of the music. With Influences varied from Springsteen to Snow Patrol, Queen to Queens of the Stone and Foreigner to Foo Fighters, it’s the unique blend of styles covering the last 50 generations of rock that bring the band to life.

Watch out for our Debut EP in May and Gig Dates to follow in the summer!

Dan Shaw – Bass/Vocals
Dave Kent – Guitar
Chris Payne – Guitar
Nathan Rose – Drums

Newfound Strangers – Take Me As I Am


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