The story of Neverland started in fall 1999 at the music school ACM in Zürich (CH), when Boris Stoll (Drums) and Daniel Huber (Guit) decided to start their own Band from the baptism. The Idea was to give free rein to their own musical idea and to compose songs that will appeal to all lovers of catchy melodic vocal riffs and melodies. Time went by and with unbroken will to form their own band, they found musicians in Manual Wagner (Keys), Andreas Mislin (Guit) and Roland Jost (Bass) until with Mike Zotter, the line-up was completed.

Name giver Roland Jost comments” I found NEVERLAND mor than apprpiate, as each member comes from a different part of Switzerland and Germany. In the musical sense NEVERLAND is a symiosis of the words “area and vastness”, which is realized on the one hand by the spherical keyboards and melodic vocals, on the other hand with the solid rhythm section. After several concerts and some changes in cast, worldwide released music and a tour in the USA the band reunion still starts in 2021 with Daniel Huber (guit), Boris Stoll (drums), Roland Jost (Bass) and finally with Mike Zotter (voc). With the reunion of the founding members, the band is more determined than ever to open a new chapter in the history of NEVERLAND.

Neverland – Express Your Servant

Neverland – Mysteria

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