Neon Hurricane

Neon Hurricane

“We are NEON HURRICANE! an Alternative, Classic rock band from Glasgow!”
Formed in 2016, and through a series of changes such music and line-up, are now pleased to introduce fans to the new and improved storm that is NEON HURRICANE!.
Made up of 4 dreamers from Scotland, Neon Hurricane is aiming to go the whole way with their music. With a catalogue of impressive, unique songs under their belt and dreams of one day putting on the worlds greatest stage-show, the band are constantly working hard in the studio to ensure this becomes a reality.
With thousands of hours airplay both in the US and throughout EUROPE, the band are constantly pushing the music and themselves to the limit, to produce a polish, perfected and unique sound.
The band are in the process of booking a series of gigs right through 2018, and cannot wait to debut their new stage show, to a venue near YOU!

Paul Burns, Graeme Craig , James Maxwell, Chris Glynn

Neon Hurricane – Sweet Lady

Neon Hurricane – Follow That Rock n Roll

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Band location – Glasgow Scotland

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