Necktwister welcomes Malfested to its roster

Necktwister welcomes Belgian Death Metalband Malfested
to its roster to release their new EP!

Necktwister proudly welcomes Malfested to its artist roster.

Malfested is a Death Metalband, hailing from Kortrijk, Belgium. The band consists of several unsung heroes from the Belgian metalscene. They bring a blend of Old School Death Metal influenced by more modern touches. ‘Uncompromising’, ‘Brutal’ and ‘In Your Face’ would best describe the musical outings of this 5-piece. They released one EP titled ‘Shallow Graves’ in 2020, which got them some great reviews and other press support, before signing to Necktwister in 2022.

Rock Tribune magazine/BE. 7 on 10.
Legacy magazine/DE. 11 on 15.
Snoozecontrol/BE: Malfested surprises with thunderous death metal of remarkably high quality.
Metal Noise webzine/UK. 8 on 10.
All Around Metal webzine/IT. 3.5 on 5.
Arrow Lords Of Metal online magazine/NL. 8.8 on 10.
The Headbanging Moose/CA. 3.5 on 5.
The Headbanging Moose webzine/CA.  Place number 2 in their Top 10 EP’s of 2020.  1. Front – Antichrist Militia . 2. Malfested – Shallow Graves.
Metal Pedia zine/MX. They chose ‘Shallow Grave’ as one of their albums of the year 2020.
Metal Revolt webzine/PL. 5 on 7.
Metal’Art digital and online magazine/BE. 4 on 5.
Voices From The Darkside/DE.  ‘Sallow Graves’ s an amazingly solid debut.

Lyric video ‘Masked with the Skulls of the Fallen’:

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