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My Own Misery

My Own Misery

My Own Misery/M.O.M is an American Rock Country/Rock band from Southern California. They consist of 5 members: Lead Vocals, Song Writer, Linda Tullis Drummer, Guitar player, Keyboards, Back up vocals, Song Writer, Kenny Jure’ Bass player, Cello, Piano, Backup Vocals, Song Writer, Rod Baker Lead Guitar, Song Writer, Mike Freeland Rhythm Guitar, Backup Vocals, Song Writer, Andy Tullis 

My Own Misery was formed January 2015 by Andy and Linda Tullis. Andy is a phenomenal songwriter and creative musician. Linda brings the lyrics of these songs to life, with her unique and amazing vocal tones and style. Kenny who is known for his excellent drumming skills and an ear for detail brings everything together. Rod and his original style and outside the box thinking adds something extraordinary to the music. Mike who’s talents are simply amazing and seem effortless , was the final piece of the puzzle. Together as a band they quickly found a groove in they’re writing process. 
Which you can hear in the oddly timed song “Drink You Off My Mind” to the fun rock song “C.I.A”. To the heart felt songs “Ordinary Extraordinary” and instrumental “Sean’s Song”. 
My Own Misery/M.O.M has worked hard on their first completed album. It combines Rock, Country Rock. It’s appropriately titled “50/50” because of the Rock Country/Rock feel. Its music that will appeal to all ages across the music spectrum. From their Anthem rock song “My own misery” to the cool country/rock song “Watering hole” to the melody filled song “Back to the snow”. You will be left with a smile on your face and good feeling in your heart. 
As a band they have written a theme song for the production company BEM. Song titled the same as the T.V. Show,“Boneyard”. They have performed for many charity events which include, ALS, Cancer Fundraisers and Southern Ca V.W. Club and many others. They have big plans for the future, they are already writing songs for their second album. My Own Misery is trying to bring back music that has melody, musicianship and lyrics that people can relate to. 
With their release of their first album 50/50, the future is looking bright. They are proud of their accomplishments and for what is to come. They hope you are apart of their journey. 
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My Own Misery – Pouring Rain

My Own Misery – Your Lane Roll

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