Mutant – Thoughts

Mutant – Thoughts

Bristol-based cerebral rock trio Mutant-Thoughts are a band devoted to a new kind of musical fusion and sonic experimentation – and their latest release Breaking Views is certainly no exception. 

With a sound that straddles everything from British progressive rock, sweeping 80’s synth-scapes and classic Latin American Guaguancó rhythms, the band are now drawing on their diverse approach to present a new anthem for challenging times. 

Breaking Views is a celebration of cultural diversity and a patchwork of different musical places and eras. 

A fretless bass line set against syncopated drums and hip-swinging toms steadily builds to a soaring chorus, before bringing the listener down to an intimate Spanish-spoken reverie that kicks into an epic arpeggiator-fuelled breakdown. 

The chorus refrain ‘I will try, not to lose it all this time’ is a comment on the progress made in becoming kinder and more tolerant towards each other, but also how easily this progress can be lost. 

The song feels like a journey in hyper-modernity – a kaleidoscopic vision of a more integrated future – and sounds reminiscent while remaining completely original, like a Deja Vú. Groovy, gutsy and powerfully optimistic Breaking Views is Mutant-Thoughts hitting new heights. 

This three-piece band has created a sound resembling a full orchestral suite, Breaking Views is a song that needs to be heard & to be believed.   


“Mutant-Thoughts live up to their name and then some with Unwanted Song, making something that’s a brilliant Frankenstein of different genres.” – Reyt Good Magazine  

“With their blend of “latin grooves” and Rock, they surely do show diversity in the alternative crowd.” – Midnight Riot 

Mutant-Thoughts’ music often defies classification. Originally the brainchild of Colombian-born composer and Synthesiser player Han Luis Cera, the band bring unerring infectious beats and atmospheric soundscapes into the space of modern progressive rock.

Also comprised of Josh Lennox-Hilton (Bass, Backing Vocal), and Ollie Medlow (Drums), Mutant-Thoughts blend a-typical grooves with eerie synth textures and vocal harmony to create music full of brooding atmospheres and restless rhythmic energy.
Han Luis Cera (Vocals/Synths)
Joshua Lennox-Hilton (Bass/Backing Vocals)
Tom Pearmain (Drums/Backing Vocals)

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