Multivision – Choose

Multivision – Choose

MULTIVISION – “Choose” (Οctober 2021, self-release)

  1. Digital Sea
  2. Monkey Race
  3. Sanguine Eyes
  4. Bourban Skies
  5. Another Day With Jim
  6. Picture of Me
  7. Timeline to Tresspass
  8. Rewind
  9. Monster Inside
  10. Get Lucid

MultiVision’s “Choose” is one of the releases of 2021 that have likely flown under our musical radar. And considering that the band has previously released only an EP, you can easily miss their debut.

So, this review is for us who missed this great record when it was released and we are given a second chance to appreciate this great debut. It might be a bit too late to put in our top lists for 2021, but we should give the credits to MultiVision in any way we can.

The “Choose” is a really flavourful album, blending together different music genres. While the MultiVision label themselves as an alternative/indie rock band, this description is not very accurate and fails to mention some very important traces of their sound.

Up until the third track, “Bourbon Skies”, the MultiVision show quite the love for the System of a Down. The “Digital Sea”, “Monkey Race” and “Sanguine Eyes”, reminded me of the SOAD with their melodic lines, while particularly the track “Sanguine Eyes” brought to mind the song “Soldier Side”. In that mix, I believe that I found some Muse influences as well, in the opening song of the album “Digital Sea”.

Beyond the point of the third track, the MultiVision begin to explore different musical routes, with  alternative rock and a bit pop/punk  in “Bourbon Skies”,  the feel-good 2000’s rock sounding “Another Day With Jim” and the dry, bourbon-smoked, blues/rock highlight of the album “Picture of Me”, that gives a rock ‘n’ roll kick to the album.

Before their final track, MultiVision, unleash their most unique, diverse and interesting composition, entitled “Monster Inside”. Built around oriental rhythmic and melodic patterns, with psychedelic rock and metal influences, the “Monster Inside” is an exciting track that unveils the great musicianship of MultiVision.

MultiVision’s debut grabs you at the very first minute and doesn’t let you leave, before the album ends. Exciting, interesting and flavourful, the “Choose” is the debut that creates a place in the hearts of the fans for the band. And I can’t wait to listen to their next works, since they are officially registered for me, as one of the most promising bands in the rock scene.

Review by Mr Athens 79

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