Mr. Unlucky & Blnk Slate

Mr. Unlucky & Blnk Slate
‘Psycho Idol’
(Numetal, Nucore, Thrash, Alt Metal)

Release Date: 11-25-22
FFO: 90’s Slipknot, Knocked Loose, SOAD
Location: Cincinnati, OH (Blnk Slate) & Lancaster, PA (Mr. Unlucky)

The vocalist Duncan Hahn was inspired by life experience to create a passion project via metal. His comradery with Trevor Benton and Jason Hericks, was the catalyst to help create the Blnk Slate project.

Who is Mr. Unlucky ? He can be me; he can be you, he’s when you’re having that shitty day no one wants to have. You never know when it’s your turn to be Mr. Unlucky! The persona was created in 2020 to give anonymity for his metal cover channel. The channel was originally for metal covers sung in his car, but he has since evolved into so much more.

Mr. Unlucky has now become a nu-metal, deathcore, hardcore, metalcore, and death metal vocalist, focusing on the more extreme side of the metal industry. Mr. Unlucky is also the lead vocalist/creator of the concept band: Pardon The Rope. His first song, Sierra (Animal Farm My Ass), a commentary on the swine meat industry, was released February 2nd, 2022. It was featured on the album SXE with producer/guitarist Alfa Bravo. Pardon The Rope’s first release, Hollow, came out on all platforms May 17th, 2022. The track covered the topics of depression and the ravages of unchecked drug addiction. The newest release, Psycho Idol, a collaborative effort between Blnk Slate and Mr. Unlucky was released 11-25-22. It discusses the topic of serial killers and how society often worships them, turning them into “Psycho Idols”. It further covers how the media portrays and promotes serial killers, spawning copy-cats.

Blnk State – Psycho Idol

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