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Moscow Death Brigade introduce Phase II of ‘No Means No’ benefit campaign

MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE – a ski-mask wearing techno/rap/punk crew from Russia is starting a new benefit campaign to raise funds for a rehabilitation center “Reborn” in Russia that helps women and girls, survivors of domestic, sexual and other types of violence.

As part of NO MEANS NO Phase II campaign Moscow Death Brigade are selling benefit T-shirts with all profits being transferred to the Reborn project. “No Means No” art was created by a Hamburg based Tattoo artist Rike daszausel*. The art depicts the official MDB mascot – a ski-mask wearing crocodile with a bolt cutter, and he is cutting off a metaphorical hand of the abuser. The T-shirts can be purchased online from MDB’s Germany-based label Fire and Flames Music:

The goal of Reborn is to create a rehabilitation center and a community center for women who suffered from abuse and domestic violence. The center will provide a safe haven and a place to heal and get help. It’s being organized by veterans of Russian non-profit action and left-wing and women’s rights activism with support from some major women’s rights organizations.

Ski Mask G of Moscow Death Brigade on the campaign:
“Russia has a problematic situation with laws against domestic violence that can protect women and girls from abuse, so it falls on activists and non-profits to provide much needed help. We were excited when activists from Reborn reached out with an idea to raise funds for their new project. We have worked with them in the past, and they helped us raise funds for various Russian non-profits such as Enjoyable Ageing Foundation and Sisters Center. After coming with an idea for the new benefit merch design we reached out to our friend Rike, a  talented artist from Hamburg so she brought this design idea to reality. Thanks to everyone for the support. We’ll be providing a report on the progress of Reborn and what the donated funds are used for”

REBORN rehabilitation and community center has a goal of providing a safe haven and rehabilitation therapy for women, survivors of domestic and other types of violence. To allow women and girls to heal from their harrowing experiences and to create a community and cultural center. The people standing behind the center are non-profit workers and activists with years of successful charity and community work. The project is currently in the process of registration, building a team of experts and preparation for raising more funds.

*RIKE DASZAUSEL is a Hamburg-based tattoo artist and a regular collaborator of Moscow Death Brigade. In the past she has created art for benefit merch with MDB and True Rebel Store to raise funds for Women in Exile organization in Germany. 

MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE is a techno/rap/punk band from Russia that plays “Circle Pit Hip-Hop”:  a unique and aggressive mix of electronic music, hardcore punk and rap, steeped in graffiti and street culture and flavored with a positive social message against war, racism and other kinds of discrimination. The band is experienced on the non-profit front, having raised funds for various charity organizations in the past. In 2020 MDB organized or took part in charity campaigns for Sisters Center, Enjoyable Ageing Foundation, Doctors Without Borders and others.

Links to the projects:
“Enjoyable Ageing” foundation:
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