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Mörti Viventi

Mörti Viventi

After being in a handful of bands that dissolved, I found myself alone, frustrated and back feeling like I did when I was a teenager just starting out on guitar. The vision of having “my own band” however, remained.

In Stamford, Lincolnshire, thrash metallers are in the minority and forming a full band alongside members with a similar mindset to my own was a nigh on impossible task. Not to be held back by this I took it upon myself to record an album in it’s entirety by myself (99 percent of it myself if you take out the guest solo in the song “Thrash or Die”).

It’s been a bumpy ride so far, what with learning the ropes of certain software, technical difficulties and hours sat staring at a computer screen both at home and at work. Additionally, I’ve had certain life events along the way that have meant the music has had to take a back seat. Finally, I’m now in a position to take the music off the backburner and share with anyone and everyone.

The debut album ‘The Day The Dead Returned…’ was released on 31st October 2014 via Bandcamp and received positive reviews. The first single ‘HELL ON EARTH’ can be downloaded for FREE here >

Get the full album HERE >

Shortly after the initial release via Bandcamp, a limited pressing of physical copies (CDs) of ‘The Day The Dead Returned…’ were released by independent UK based label UKEM Records. Along with this followed a full digital release that meant the music of Mörti Viventi could be found on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon etc. The album had now begun to reach a wider audience across the world and was receiving more and more positive feedback alongside radio and web based interviews.

Mid-2016 saw Mörti Viventi become a full band…

The future is unwritten!

So grab some beers, turn up the volume and hold onto your bullet belts. It’s the outbreak we’ve all been waiting for.

Mörti Viventi – The Arrival of the Anti-God

Mörti Viventi – Whorehouse of the Undead

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