Mortal Infinity

Mortal Infinity

Fatal spiral of violence!

Just like the eponymous best-selling novel by Truman Capote, the song “In Cold Blood” describes the disturbing and brutal crime that took place in 1959 in the state of Kansas in the United States of America: 
An unsuccessful robbery that leads to the cold-blooded and bestial assassination of an entire family – and ultimately ends with two convicted killers on the gallows’ rope.If one wants to imagine the horrible atmosphere of this evening of the 15th of November, you can read the aforementioned world bestseller.

Or you can hear the atmosphere of the whole thing – poured into neck-crushing THRASH METAL!

On August 4th 2019, MORTAL INFINITY presented their new, official music video for the title song of the third album “In Cold Blood”.

Fast, nasty and direct – that’s the relentless bludgeon-dance sound of this German anger souls! The new longplayer “In Cold Blood” has what many want to achieve so desperately: authenticity, attitude and above all undeniable class.

After all, the sleek songs of the formation out of the Rottal-Inn area sound as real on all levels as the authors themselves are as musicians.

MORTAL INFINITY definitely stand out from the mass of today’s Thrashers with “In Cold Blood” – and they do it without cramping.

After all, who has such a huge heart for the underground and the original rebellion of this musical branch can also do a lot with it.


01. Fellowship Of Rats 04:33
02. Misanthropic Collapse 04:56
03. Repulsive Messiah 06:05
04. Dream Crusher 04:08
05. Long Forgotten Gods 04:52
06. Silent Assassin (Champion Of War) 04:00
07. Devastator, Devastated 05:00
08. In Cold Blood 04:33
09. Ghost Ship Sailor 07:51

total: 46:03 min.

▶ Official release: September 06th, 2019 ◀

Marc Doblinger – Vocals
Sebastian Unrath – Guitar
Sebastian Brunner – Guitar
Alex Glaser – Bass
Adrian Müller – Drums

Mortal Infinity – In Cold Blood

Motal Infinity – Fellowship of Rats

Mortal Infinity – Misanthropic Collapse

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