Morning Arcade

Morning Arcade make dreamy, widescreen indie rock influenced by synthwave playlists and late night car journeys listening to the Drive soundtrack pretending to be Ryan Gosling. Behind the wheel is Karl Griffiths and coming along for the ride are Bethan, Ceris, Lloyd and Josh. Squeeze into the back seat with them and let’s head off into the sunset.


Josh Evans (drums): Doubles as band security detail and doorman. Shifty eyes can give you an ocular pat-down quicker than a badger on a bypass. Taught that gorilla from the Cadbury advert how to drum to Phil Collins

Ceris Fussell aka ‘Fuss’ (bass): Most DIY-capable member of the band. Can knock up a coffee table and throw a pot whilst simultaneously slapping funk bass. Ranked No. 6 of the top 100 bass faces in the UK. Will take you up on any offer of a snack.

Lloyd Jones (guitar): Illegitimately sponsored by Finisterre and all brands of vegan sausage rolls.
Chooses the 2011 comedy ‘Bridesmaids” as his all-time favourite film. Pet peeves include people bending the spines of his books and untidy pedalboards

Bethan Ayres (keys/ vocals): Lurking behind her resting bitch face is every impression of SpongeBob Squarepants you can imagine. Between band duties and making her own clothes this curly-headed queen lives for the drag scene. Forget Hollywood celebs, she only gets star-struck for members of the RuPaul tour

Karl Griffiths (guitar/ vocals): Hands down hairiest member of the band. Doubled for Steve Carell during the waxing scenes in 40-Year-Old Virgin. Can often be seen (if not heard) driving an old beetle around town, navigating speed humps with great care. Hobbies include chasing waterfalls and watching re-runs of Hey Arnold!

Morning Arcade – Cols Shoulders

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