South African death metal band MONOLITH have just released a lyric video for “The Lord Conspirator”. The song is the title track from their upcoming album of the same name which will be released on April 28th via MMD Records.

Watch the video here:

South African death metallers Monolith ZA are preparing to release their first full-length album, The Lord Conspirator, on April 28th, 2020 via MMD Records.  Hailing from the coastal city Port Elizabeth, Monolith ZA offers a follow-up to their successful EPs Memory Palace (2016) and Legacy of the Opium Eater (2015).

Monolith ZA was founded in 2015.  After a successful run of shows with local Port Elizabeth bands and playing in support of Cape Town favorites The Fallen Prophets,  Imperial Destruction, and DevilSpeak, Monolith ZA was invited to perform at the Hellington Open Air Festival in Wellington, South Africa. This concert featured the top-tier of the South African metal scene, and Monolith ZA was proud to be included.

The band was soon signed to MMD Records (Cape Town), to be included in their new cherry-picked stable of metal acts to be released on the MMD Black sub-label. MMD Records re-released the first two EPs, with The Legacy of The Opium Eater receiving new artwork as well as a remix and re-master.

Says Lyle Jensen of MMD, “The Lord Conspirator offers listeners arguably Monolith’s best work as a unit to date, bringing in elements of brutal death metal, laced with just the right amount of clinical melody and progressive time changes. This album is dark, brooding, and intense.”

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Christopher Paterson – Guitar and Vocals
Andrew Viviers – Guitar and Vocals
Coburn Green – Bass and vocals
David Mills – Drums

Monolith – The Lord Conspirator

Monolith – Black Earth’s Gate

Monolith – Memoery Palace II

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