Monkey Mind – Breakdown

Monkey Mind – Breakdown

MONKEY MIND – album “ Breakdown ” (July 23rd, 2021 by BOERSMA Records)

  1. Breakdown
  2. Hibernation Mode
  3. Immunity (I’ll Never Go Under)
  4. Upheaval
  5. In The Name Of God
  6. Save Me (From Me)
  7. Breathe
  8. Nightmare

This is an album that I have been looking forward to reviewing for some time because I checked their nice lyric video for “Upheaval” some months ago. I am a huge fan of Anathema and Paradise Lost plus some alternative metal so this feels like home. “Breakdown” album is now out by decent German label Boersma and this is their first full album.

However, I still stand with my opinion that I had after listening their first song.

“Breakdown”  is one of the greatest alternative rock-metal albums I’ve heard for a while and is a major inspiration on me. I fell in love with Monkey Mind’s music and they eventually took me deeper into their music.

Their debut album is for sure an unusual release for the band because it’s the gateway in which a metal band starts to move away from their metal edge. I still consider albums like this as crossover although this is not the ideal definition.

The guitars still sound heavy enough to be metal from an alternative metal perspective, but also Monkey Mind slowly showing less metal guitars about their songs. It features some soothing and ominous sounds from melodic guitars that sometimes don’t sound heavy, but still has some really great riffs that are simple and strong. Hearing songs like ‘Hibernation Mode, ‘In The Name of God, and ‘Breathe’ sounds like they are going for more melody, but at the same time, they are extremely strong, which is one big reason why I love the album.

‘Breakdown’ is another amazing record that will leave people moved with its unique nature, and it compliments Monkey Mind  because it sounds so interesting. I love this plain simple and atmospheric work, an album that cannot be ignored! Trust me you won’t regret it!

Review by Mr Athens 1979

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