Monica Strut – Social Media Shredder (book)

Monica Strut – Social Media Shredder (book)

Australian music journalist and blogger, Monica Strut, has released a new book, Social Media Shredder: Use social media to grow your band’s audience and reach the next level in your career.  The 50-page handbook teaches musicians and bands how they can utilize social media to grow their audience and leverage their online presence.  In three phases, Monica walks readers through optimizing each social media channel, establishing a unique and consistent brand, cultivating a larger and more engaged audience and most importantly, turning followers into lifelong fans.

After working as a Digital Marketer and journalist for Australian-based heavy music publication, HEAVY Magazine, for many years, Monica decided to create a resource for emerging bands that would not only address some of the common mistakes she witnessed daily, but also empower them to take control of their careers.

“I’ve been a musician my entire life and over the years I’ve seen many of my talented peers come and go as they tried to chase a career in music.  Many of them felt stuck and unsure how to promote themselves and when they didn’t get the results they wanted, a lot of them gave up because they felt like they were going nowhere.  It breaks my heart when this happens!  

We all know social media is a powerful tool which has allowed us to take our careers into our own hands, but many musicians aren’t using it effectively.  There also aren’t many up-to-date resources out there which teach marketing and branding to musicians – especially in the heavier genres (rock, metal, punk, prog, etc.) – where the strategy is different to say, EDM artists.  I wanted to create a resource that would empower bands by giving them the skills they need to not only utilize their social media channels effectively but actually present as a professional act so they can start getting bigger opportunities.  In turn, I hope to see more bands kicking goals instead of giving up on their dreams.”

Noise pollution said: “Social Media Shredder is a handy guide not just for bands and musicians, but for any business that wants to make the most of their social media presence.  Early in the piece, Monica warns that having a good social media presence is never a substitute for having great product, and I think that knowing this key point is half the battle…After reading through Social Media Shredder, I highly recommend that you do grab a copy and put it into effect immediately.”

Social Media Shredder is out now in paperback or Kindle via Amazon.