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Mexican Alt-Rock/Pop Sensation Releases Entrancing New Single ‘Numb’

Mexican Alt-Rock & Pop Composer & Solo Artist Monica Lyrae has just released an entrancing new single ‘Numb’ from her upcoming full-length record ‘Spirals’. ‘Numb’ offers a stunning and satisfying cross-section of pop, alternative, contemporary and classical styles infused with Eastern undertones, catchy hooks and dynamic sensibilities.

This genre-bending and methodically curated composition starts off with a lively drum and bass groove entwined with a lyrical passage arranged as an instrumental layer bolstering Lyrae’s resonant vocals. Uplifting choruses saturated with cinematic orchestral layers and energetic piano phrases juxtapose the melancholic lyrical theme in a bittersweet manner as the phrase ‘Over Again’ becomes anthemic in its repetition with every dissonant note.

Lyrae showcases a plethora of vocal styles from a soft timbre to powerful belts, her signature heat-laden chest voice and beautiful high harmonies throughout the entirety of the song. Poignant and reflective passages give way to powerful, personal proclamations of raw honesty and vulnerability in a sonic odyssey that deeply moves the listener with each measure.‘Numb’ highlights the remarkable diversity that is characteristic of its composer and delivers in earnest the vital message that lies at the heart of this monumental musical work.

Lyrae on the new single “Numb is part of my upcoming album ‘Spirals’. I like to explain the songs in the album as having three levels of madness: the emotional, the philosophical, and raw insanity. ‘Numb’ belongs to that third degree, where all sense of stability is thrown out the window. It portrays a very dark time in my life where I was in constant anxiety, and every day I wished I could stop having feelings overall to find some ease. Feeling nothing was good; feeling nothing as a state where I could stop stumbling around and regain balance. I saw numbness as a shield, and this is what my song talks about.

‘Spirals’ portrays my journey and struggles with mental health. ‘Numb’ is one of my oldest songs. The ironic part is that when I reworked the song for the album, I was feeling way worse than when I wrote the first version. The spiral was getting bigger, darker, and I was getting the sense that it was going to be endless. I somehow managed to put all that raw anxiety into this song and made it my own primal scream”

Coming off successful releases of her singles ‘Unforgiven’ & ‘Sorrow’ which garnered Lyrae international coverage and airplay, ‘Numb’ is the perfect follow up for this dynamic and diverse Composer. With extensive experience in film scoring, achievements such as BMI Peermusic Latin Scholarship,  Berklee’s 17th Women Musicians Network Concert and  Femme Filmmakers Festival Roll of Honor and qualifications from Berklee College of Music under her belt, Monica’s, upcoming album ‘Spirals’, albeit written during a challenging time in her life, showcases a bold and confident musician who can depict stories in both soft and distinct ways. A Cinematic, Enigmatic, Dark & Raw portrayal of the human existence combined with classical & industrial elements and pop sensibilities.

‘Numb’ is OUT NOW on all major distribution platforms via

Monica Lyrae – Numb

Monica Lyrae – Unforgiven

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