Dreamy Swedish electronic producer Moist has released his new album ‘Lavine’ on limited edition CD and cassette via the Stockholm-based label I/O Music.

Based in Söderhamn, Sweden, Moist is the solo moniker of producer, artist and remixer David Elfström Lilja. The new LP includes 10 tracks with vocals by Maria Marcus, a Swedish multi-platinum songwriter and music producer currently based in Palma, Spain.

This is endearingly soft downbeat electronic music with warmth. Counting Imogen Heap, Marconi Union, Massive Attack and Sigur Rós among influences, Lilja puts his own wonderful spin on things – the outcome is silkiness that initially drapes itself over you with its sheer accessibility and candor. Music that is both charming and holistic, captivating us with positively infectious like ‘Berlin’, ‘Words’, ‘Firefly’, ‘Stars’, ‘Traces’ and ‘Worlds Collide’.

‘Lavine’ is his sophomore album, issued six years after his debut ‘Temporary Arrangements’ LP. That initial offering was an ambitious achievement, featuring 17 songs with 11 different vocalists. Its first single ‘Far Beyond The Endless’ featured on the Blank & Jones Collection Chilltronica #2, which shot to #1 on the electronic chart in Germany.

“This new album ‘Lavine’ emerged from many years of mental illness since finishing the last album. So the release of this album somewhat marks a new phase in life for me. Many of the songs were made in a very dark place, even if the music itself doesn’t sound so dark,”  says David Elfström Lilja.

“The song “She” is about my sister Elena, who died four years ago. This album is more coherent than the first one, which has 17 songs and many different guest singers. That’s also one of the reasons I just worked with Maria Marcus on this record. Yes, and the fact that she is also amazing in every way.”

The tracks on this album were primarily written by Lilja and Marcus, who is well known for her K-pop compositions, including for Namie Amuro, Shinee, Girls Generation, T-Pain and Afrojack. She wrote and produced three of the tracks on Namie Amuro’s last album, which sold one million copies the first week it was released.

Other co-writers on this album include Tania Doko (from Australia’s Bachelor Girl, known for their ’98 superhit ‘Buses and Trains’) and award-winning Faroe Islands artist Brandur Enni.

Moist earlier made quite a few waves in The Guardian in regards to pitiful royalty rates on Spotify and other similar streaming resources.

As Moist, Lilja has officially remixed artists like Pet Shop Boys, Imogen Heap, Moby, Erasure, The Knife, Butterfly Boucher, Red Snapper, Agnes and Antiloop. His remix for Butterfly Boucher ranked among Popservations’ (US) yearly Top 25 remixes of 2012.

Moist has been nominated for the Hollywood Music In Media Awards three years in a row, which makes sends considering that he also runs the record label I/O Music, and creates ambient music under the name Numb. In 2013, David Elfström Lilja also received his hometown’s culture prize for significant contributions to music and cultural life.

“I wanna make music that you can listen to and enjoy and also have in the background as ambient music when you have a deep conversation with your best friend,” says Lilja.

I/O Music is an independent Swedish record label founded in 2010,, giving great electronic music a platform to be heard and giving people the opportunity to hear it. Releases span from ambient to techno, from experimental to downbeat, among many electronic genres.

The ‘Lavine’ LP will be available everywhere as of November 30. It can be ordered via I/O Music’s website – digitally or physically on CD or cassette – and is now available across music stores and streaming platforms such as iTunes and Spotify.

Music performed, written and arranged by David Elfström Lilja
Vocals by Maria Marcus
Lyrics by David Elfström Lilja and Maria Marcus
Recorded, produced and mixed by David Elfström Lilja and Marcus Losbjer
Vocals recorded by Maria Marcus at Palma Music Studios
Mastered by Hoffe Stannow @ Cosmos Mastering
All artist photos by Dan Wahlbeck
Cover artwork, layout, design and website by David Elfström Lilja

01  Saga (1:55)
02  Traces (3:35)
03  Stars (3:33)
04  Firefly (3:31)
05  Words (4:38)
06  Berlin (4:18)
07  Cold (3:56)
08  Worlds Collide (mix) (3:44)
09  She (5:08)
10  No One Knows (3:23)

Moist – Worlds Collide

Moist – Traces

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