Modern Welfare

Alternative rock outfit Modern Welfare

Alternative rock outfit Modern Welfare combines the angst and raw power of hard rock with the immaculate melodies of electronic pop. The four-piece began when front man Lucas Hay escaped from small town life to the city of Pittsburgh in pursuit of a solution to his severe mental illness and substance abuse.

While street preforming to make ends meet, Hay crossed paths with fellow street performer and lead guitarist – Daniel Renz. Around this time, drummer John Yabut left everything he knew behind, emigrating from The Philippines in search of the American dream. When Yabut found himself in Pittsburgh, ModernWelfare found their drummer. Deciding to risk it all, the three packed up their lives and relocated to Florida.

The group’s plans were halted when COVID-19 struck the globe. However, this only motivated self-built and self-funded ModernWelfare to push even harder to follow a common dream. The group brought on rhythm guitarist Byron Taylor as the final piece to the puzzle and quarantined in a band house, dedicating each day to writing music.

Embracing their diverse backgrounds and music tastes, ModernWelfare is the most exciting new rock band of 2021. What resulted was a sound reminiscent of Linkin Park, Bring Me The Horizon and Dance Gavin Dance. Lyrically, they lean toward topics related to addiction, mental health, personal experiences and personal struggles.

Lucas Hay – Vocals/Guitars
Dan – Guitars
John Gabriel – Drums
Byron – Guitars

Modern Welfare – Walls

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