Moaning Silence – A Waltz Into Darkness

Moaning Silence – A Waltz Into Darkness

MOANING SILENCE –  “A waltz into darkness” (5 May 2020, Symmetric Records)

  1. Rite Of Decay
  2. The Silence Of The Gods
  3. Towards The Sun
  4. A Waltz Into Darkness
  5. Song For Winter
  6. Stormbirds
  7. I Am The Sorrow
  8. The Lights Of Alexandria

Surrounded with darkness and doom, Greece’s Moaning Silence released their second full length album “A Waltz into Darkness”. The album continues the melancholic path of their debut “A World Afraid of Light”.

Moaning Silence seem to work upon the ways of My Dying Bride, Draconian, (early) Theater of Tragedy, (old) Paradise Lost, (old) Anathema, November’s Doom and On Thorns I Lay. So, if you are a fan of gothic/doom/death metal you will surely find something attractive in this album.

Bittersweet melodies, doom riffs, piano parts, deperate harmonies and an avant-garde male vs female vocal battle create dark but beautiful places for your soul to rest.

The artwork is a very nice painting that absolutely reflects the album’s atmosphere and concept. On the synths and the production you will find the great Bob Katsionis who does a fabulous job.

The 8 tracks of “A Waltz into Darkness” are based on the 90’s version of gothic/doom/death metal. There is no experimental attitude, but there is a personal view from the band. This means that they don’t just imitate their beloved bands, instead they use them as a means of own expression. Moreover, there is an emotional variety throughout the album.

There are really many good songs in the album, but I would pick out the opener “Rite of Decay” with its heartbreaking riffs of doom and gloom, and then “Towards the Sun” which has a rather fascinating synth-work with a lot of melancholic feelings added in.

However, my stand-out track would surely be “The Lights of Alexandria”, a song which uses writings of the famous Greek poet Constantine P. Cavafy, a poet you all have to read. This song is a great example of how arts unite beyond the lines and so poetry can be used in music just perfectly.

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