Miscreant is band that brings a completely sinister and dark vibe to the UK metal scene. While achieving bouncy riffs with juggernaut grooves and slams, our music is heavy and it packs a punch with it’s intensity. We released our debut EP entitled ‘Living Death’ last year which reached the position of No.4 in the iTunes Metal Charts. Miscreant was first created by Harvey Jaffrey (Vocals) where he was later joined by guitarist Massie, bassist Jake Bilton and drummer George Topham to form what Miscreant is today

Vocals – Harvey Jaffrey
Guitar – Craig Massie
Bass – Jake Bilton
Drums – George Topham

Lincolnshire based metal quintet MISCREANT who are all set to release their new single ‘Let Tomorrow Die’. The single has already been aired on Alex Baker’s Kerrang Radio Show for two weeks in a row

Miscreant – Bitter Regrets

Miscreant – Nightmares

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